february faves I baycheat.com

Here’s what I’m admiring in February – acquaint me your favorites below!

Skillet pizzas, but in a altered way! Instead of the casting adamant bucket method (which is the best, but accost – hot as heck and requires a little added hands-on time which I so don’t accept appropriate now), I’ve been application a approved nonstick or stainless bucket and my go-to dough. Bandy a bit of oil in the bucket while it’s over aerial heat. Bandy in the chef and baker until bubbles anatomy (think pancake-like) again cast the chef and body your pizza. Accomplishment it in the oven, anywhere from 350 to 450 degrees until the cheese is melty, like about ten-ish minutes. This agency no pizza bark nightmares! Aloft is my cheeseburger pizza from a pizza chic I accomplished aftermost week. So good.

La Croix’s new pineapple birthmark flavor. I begin it at Ambition and it’s to die for.

PARENTHOOD! Gah. I’m so sad I didn’t get into it eventually but I blew threw every adventure in two weeks. My adulation knows no bounds. It absolutely possibly ability be my admired appearance of ALL time, which is huge for the TV aficionado that I am. I couldn’t alike acquaint you who my admired appearance is because I admired them all for so abounding reasons. The writers agape it out of the esplanade with that. I feel like they covered so abounding altered personalities and I accept no abstraction HOW they did it so brilliantly!

This le creuset 4 1/2 qt annular oven – I can’t acquisition the exact one online anymore, but my parents gave it to me for Christmas and it is THE ABSOLUTE SIZE. Seriously, perfect. Best commons I baker can augment four and this is aloof the best admeasurement for everything. I use it about every distinct day – soups, stews, pasta, craven – everything.

This smoothie, but with a ample dosage of spirulina in it. I’ve been bubbler it at atomic four times a anniversary (minus the amber everytime, ha) and I affirm it works miracles.

Along those aforementioned lines, apple cider vinegar. I buy that 32-ounce canteen at my bounded grocery store. I’ve taken it for years – aloof a few teaspoons in my baptize in the morning, but I am cogent you – for the aboriginal time I got rid of a analgesic atrium infection and I aspect it to ACV a few times a day, my favorite attic water, the aloft smoothie with spirulina, bags of baptize and alienated dairy for a few days. Usually they aftermost two additional weeks for me, but this one was gone in four days!

ummm – handsoap. Yep, it’s a affair appropriate now for me. I anticipate because I’ve been so cooped up in the abode with the freezing temps and baby, that I’m analytic for means to accomplish every little affair a appropriate acquaintance or something. Aboriginal up, these Nest duke soaps! I adulation Backup aroma and candles and these do not disappoint. I accept the grapefruit and the apricot in our bathrooms. And next, these a la Maison duke soaps. My accessory brought me one of these from accomplished foods a few weeks ago – the rosemary excellent scent – and it’s currently in the kitchen. It smells DIVINE. Anybody loses their apperception back they ablution their easily in the kitchen.

Kind of flipping over this cornflake brittle chocolate. Advance with peanut butter? Oh yes.

Maroon 5’s song Amoroso – but added importantly, their music video for it. I could watch it ten times a day.

This unicorn mug! A few of you mentioned this in the comments of my aftermost favorites column and uhhh… like I could say no? I’m biased about it. I appetite a additional one. The alone affair is – it’s cool brittle and I’m so abashed I’m activity to breach off the horn!

The tiramisu latte. I adulation it. Freaking ADULATION it.

Everything floral that is currently at athleta. DYING over it. I got the jacket and the sports bra... and I absolutely appetite the crops buuuuut… not so abiding how adulatory they would be at the moment. May aloof do it anyway!

The heart pizza. It’s true. I cannot eat it any added way now. Aftermost night I fabricated us bucket pizzas and cut the pepperoni into hearts again. I don’t anticipate my craving bedmate was as in to it. Whatevs.

[none of this is sponsored, aloof like to allocution about things that I ascertain and adulation over the month. there may be a few amazon associate links above. adulation love.]