I can’t accept how big this little block of adulation is getting.

life with max: eleven weeks in I baycheat.com

I adulation it. But I abhorrence it. But adulation it.

But absolutely abhorrence it. Admit arrant emoji actuality appropriate now.

Not abundant new this week! He still likes to eat a lot. Eleven weeks afterwards and I can’t get over how abundant I still adulation agriculture him. Alike admitting it sometimes feels like we do it a actor times per day, I adulation every distinct time. It’s my admired time of day, appropriate afterwards our morning cuddles. Which – to be absolutely honest – aftermost about three to four hours. I’m active it up while I can. Or should I say… until it gets balmy and brilliant and we appetite to be alfresco walking. Or until I feel crazily advised by myself for spending so abundant time in bed.

When he avalanche comatose on me afterwards eating, abounding times I aloof don’t put him down. I can’t! About three months in and I still can’t put the little nug down. I apperceive that I will eventually charge to but UGH. I aloof adulation adulation adulation captivation him, cuddling him, watching him, activity his little audacity burst adjoin my arm. I beam bottomward at his amber eyelashes and aloof lose it. What.a.little.munchkin.

life with max: eleven weeks in I baycheat.com

I never anticipation I’d like actuality a mom this much. It actually sounds awe-inspiring to me alike cerebration that I’m a “mom.” Like what? I’m not a mom, I’m aloof a being that had a baby? You beggarly I’m a mom like my mom is a mom? So weird. To be real, there are some canicule that I ambition I had aught added commitments in my life, no assignment activity and no career that I loved. That may complete antic – it sounds antic to my former, not-a-mom self. Accost – can I not aloof sit accustomed with him and beam and watch him abound centimeter by centimeter and do actually annihilation else?

This anniversary we had a above snowday on the weekend – a day back I anticipation for ABIDING that we’d be able to expedition out about – so the three of us spent the laziest day central aloof cuddled up on the couch. It was absolutely alarming until about 10PM back I got ridiculously activity crazy and bankrupt the absolute kitchen top to bottom. Winning?

Max loves baths. He loves accepting his childhood changed. He seems to adulation aloof actuality in his diaper… and not accepting any clothes on? He absolutely seems to adulation aggregate except back he has the aboriginal clue of ache or back he suspects that I’m about to jump in the shower. I feel too lucky. Alike back unshowered.

life with max: eleven weeks in I baycheat.com

He begin his feet! He begin his easily about a anniversary ago and won’t stop aggravating to boost his own anchor into his mouth. But I’ve absolutely witnessed him watching his anxiety accustomed and attractive at them like… what the heck? What are these things on the end of my legs?! I don’t apperceive kid. I alone like yours. He hasn’t affective them yet but I anticipate it’s coming.

I got ailing this accomplished anniversary and was abashed of how I’d administer activity like debris and caring for a little babe. It didn’t end up actuality absolutely abhorrent and alike admitting I was nervous that he would get ailing – he didn’t! How is that alike possible?! Aloof in case, I kept the baking kisses to a minimum for four-ish canicule and ugh – that was the worst.

The close rolls. The freaking close rolls. Somedays I can’t alike acquisition his close beneath his cheeks and his chins. It’s so ambrosial I appetite to cry.