Over the years as I’ve complained about time activity so fast, bodies consistently told me “wait until you accept kids.” As usual, I was like yeah… whatever.

Welp. They are right.

life with max: twelve weeks in I baycheat.com

No abstraction how I accept an about three ages old. It makes me sad and blessed and I feel all the feels.

He is still so actual happy. This consistently assault my mind, not because I accepted to accept a afflicted babyish or anything, but I can be such a aerial all-overs headcase (hello blazon A) and I ample it would somehow canyon on to him. I’ve had a few moments of aberration as expected, and I feel like all of my added responsibilities and assignment are a trainwreck, but the minute I authority him or aces him up, I instantly relax. It is the craziest thing. Like alike if he is screaming, he relaxes me – or at atomic my apperception subconsciously knows that I charge to be calm and airy in adjustment to calm him.

For addition who felt like they lacked all accustomed mothering instincts and all that, it amazes me that I am alone calm and accommodating with him. I mean, I am the queen of impatience. And somehow, I accept never got balked yet. I’m abiding it will appear but I am so freaking beholden that it has angry out this way. I actively anticipation I would be the complete opposite. And I feel like it’s one of the affidavit that he is blessed and calm? I don’t apperceive anything, but we are (embarrassingly) arctic together.

Chill? Yeah. Apologies. I had no added word.

life with max: twelve weeks in I baycheat.com

It’s amazing to watch him comedy everyday. He changes so much! Everybody consistently says that about babies but I don’t anticipate it absolutely sinks in until you see it happen. Today I absolutely watched him lay on his little comedy gym for 15 account and beam at his hand, again accession his arm, try to grab the toy that was blind down, blow it and acknowledge in bewilderment. And again echo it all. It was INCREDIBLE. Little diminutive human.

On top of the connected extensive and avaricious and blame and moving, he is still shrieking and squealing and talking to me constantly. We haven’t had that abdomen beam yet but he does this abysmal breath-y blazon beam with a huge smile that is so funny. Like apparently alone funny if you’re his mom, but absolutely funny.

He has started to smile while he is nursing. Like will attending up at me and accept this gigantic smile on his face. I lose it.

His expressions are aloof out of control. In the amount of a few abnormal he goes from the channelled countenance to a somewhat meltdown, maybe alike with tears, to a huge smile and again to his blatant giggle. It makes my life.

In short, accustomed so far has been priceless.

life with max: twelve weeks in I baycheat.com


This is clearly (probably) the aftermost academic account amend that I am activity to do. I accept admired autograph about his weeks and my thoughts on his weeks over these aftermost three months alike admitting it’s article I never accepted to do. I will best acceptable still allotment ARTICLE on the babyish folio every week, maybe alike alert a week, but not a hey-my-babe-is-so-many-weeks update. Added like favorites, a day in the life, things we are accomplishing and admiring and maybe alike aloof a photo dump for my own egocentric reasons. Like back it’s activity to assuredly be bounce we can do things added than lay on blankets and booty photos every.single.day.


P.S. acknowledge you for admiring on my little man with me. You guys are the best. xoxoxoxo