tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. These dark amber key adhesive pie truffles. WHAT. Dying. I’m still in austere citrus lust.

2. Accept you apparent the aboriginal released Jem photo? GAH.

3. You apparently shouldn’t advance your amber dent cookie with nutella for an afternoon snack. No. Absolutely not.

4. If you charge the better cackle ever, amuse apprehend this commodity my acquaintance Bev wrote. Doesn’t she charge her own TV show?

5. This morning my buzz autocorrected “whole chicken” on my grocery account to “white chicks.” I’m abiding I can acquisition a agglomeration of both at the grocery abundance but I mean…

6. Today I acclimated my milk frother/steamer affair and fabricated my OWN aflame attic milk foam. From a can of ablaze attic milk because it was all I had because addition alone an absolute abounding can of abounding fat attic milk on the kitchen attic aboriginal because… life. To die for. Now if I could alone accomplish my own tiramisu latte.

7. Walking Dead: ummm let’s allocution about how hot Rick looked, it was like about Adulation Absolutely again. You apperceive the acceptable is not activity to aftermost though. If anyone has apprehend the clear novels – are they afterward them now? GIRLS: I anticipate this division aloof stinks. I feel like it isn’t about as relatable as the aboriginal and additional seasons (embarrassingly) were. Abode of Cards: I anticipate we are on adventure 8? I’m array of underwhelmed. It’s aloof affectionate of arid me this time around. And you apperceive I adulation my white house/political shows! What are your thoughts? Like I am aloof so over Doug Stamper. Nashville: am I activity to get what I appetite this anniversary on the show? I think!

8. Accept you heard the Dart bartering with those unicorn bluff things – the narwhals? It gets ashore in your arch forever? Eddie has been singing it for two weeks. He sings it CONSTANTLY. I’m accident it. Max’s aboriginal chat will apparently be NARWHALS. Awesome.