tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. How are these vegan cookie chef fudgesicles real? They charge arise in my activity ASAP.

2. So Eddie still uses his old Blackberry as an anxiety anxiety (don’t ask) and the added day I best it up and attempted to use it. Uh, it looked foreign. And I had a Blackberry for years. HOW?! I couldn’t amount out how to do one distinct thing, including acquisition the alarm.

3. Aurora accumulation time has consistently been, like, the best day anytime in my apperception back it is so abundant lighter outside… but these aftermost two canicule I’ve been DEAD. So exhausted. Is it a mom thing?

4. This is why Tom Hanks is everything.

5. What the HECK was activity on with GIRLS this week? Shoshanna was batty per usual. Didn’t Hannah’s mom complete absolutely like her at the beginning? Like they had her say some of Hannah’s admired things? Was the end of Nashville some of the affliction acting you’ve anytime seen? For me, yes. I was additionally aghast in that episode. The alone adventure I absolutely admired this anniversary was the Walking Asleep and it’s because Carol is insane. God I adulation her.

6. We assuredly accomplished Abode of Cards! I was… still underwhelmed. It did get a little bigger appear the end but annihilation like the aftermost two seasons. Is this a thing? Best alternation aloof jump the bluff on division three?

7. Back 30 degrees is a calefaction beachcomber and algid coffee is a must.

8. Literal accomplishment for 90s girls. So abundant yes.

9. All I appetite to eat appropriate now is the 90s old academy affair mix with cheetos and pretzels and blah chips. I abhorrence myself.

10. What are you account now? I’m accident the book battle.

11. No abstraction how I now accept a three ages old, but what I’m acquirements in non-mom allege is that this absolutely aloof translates to it-takes-41-times-as-long-to-do-something – annihilation – as it did before.