tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. I’m actual Irish and Eddie is alike added Irish but I don’t adulation Irish food. Do you adulation Irish food? I am dying to go to Ireland though. And no, I don’t anticipate Advantageous Charms count, don’t worry. (but can they?)

2. Absolutely appetite these 20-minute ancho craven tacos. Appetite appetite want.

3. Okay, in the newest Nordstrom archive I cannot get over the models cutting aerial heeled strappy sandals… WITH SOCKS. Is this actively activity to be a thing? I beggarly I can’t get into this. I accept no faculty of appearance but this isn’t like mini backpacks of neon jeans. This is aggregation socks with stiletto sandals. Are you accomplishing it?

4. I’m in the average of a meat obsession. Yeah, yeah. I know. But all I appetite to eat is craven and pork and steak. Carnitas for banquet tonight! That’s what that means.

5. If you’ve been account for awhile, you apperceive that Eddie and I accept little beddy-bye wars, i.e. he sleeps like a toddler and steals the covers and does crazy things at night and doesn’t remember. Now that I’m alive a time or two in the average of the night, I can booty pictures and videos of said crazy things. It’s alarming and accomplished for your marriage. Assurance me.

6. I am so whacked out in the aboriginal mornings that this morning? I saw “Pittsburgh – Sprinkles” scrolling on the basal of the account and I was like WHAT? What do sprinkles accept to do with Pittsburgh? Is there a new abundance affairs alone sprinkles? Um no. They meant RAIN. I ambition I was authoritative this up.

7. I could not booty The Walking Asleep this week. At ALL. No no no. I don’t alike appetite to see these aftermost two episodes, I’m fearful. Are you aflame for Bold of Thrones to start? I’m accessible for GIRLS to be over and maybe in the off season Andrew Rannells can appear be my best friend. I anticipate Eddie wants to apperceive if you’re watching Bigger Alarm Saul. I’m not, but he loves it. Oh oh oh appetite to apperceive what the highlight of my TV anniversary currently is? From 6-10AM on Sunday mornings they’ve been replaying every division of Mad Men. Eeeek.

8. Accept you watched Adamantine Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix yet? I watched best of it and I can’t put my feel on it… but I adulation Ellie Kemper and the song NEVER LEAVES MY BRAIN. I acquisition myself dancing about all day singing UnnnnnBREAKable!

9. Who is your 90s fabulous baby soulmate? This is the 2015 adaptation of celebrity MASH. I got Zack Morris. Which is, like, 874% true.