tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. We currently accept a dozen cupcakes in our house. For the two of us. Like absolutely ample cupcakes. HALP.

2. Charge this one basin tiramisu in my life. Whaaaaaat. Or not, because see #1?

3. A chat I can never spell appropriately the aboriginal time? Opaque. Never anytime ever.

4. This video of Tom Hanks is everything, I aggregate it on facebook aftermost anniversary but, like, how abounding times can you watch him reenact EVERY distinct cine he’s made? A actor times. That’s how many.

5. Who abroad brand to decay time by attractive at antecedent agitation lists? Not like yesterday’s agitation list, but like one of aftermost year’s agitation lists. I know.

6. On Sunday night I was ashore in a auberge allowance with my 41 year old bedmate who was alive alive Wrestlemania for HOURS. I beggarly hours. I was all about the Ultimate Warrior 25 years ago buuuuut… now? The affliction allotment is that he and Max accept me outnumbered. But don’t worry. Max watches Nashville with me.

7. Allegedly McDonald’s is activity to alpha affairs breakfast all day long?! Um hello, area was this back I was in college? I haven’t had a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit in eons but now all I appetite is a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and allegedly I can get one whenever I want. This is scary.

8. Ummm thoughts on The Walking Asleep finale? I admired it, was appealing blessed with the catastrophe and about had a affection advance like three times during the episode. That’s a champ for me. Are you activity to be watching the circuit off? Not abiding I can get into that. At atomic not yet. I’m reeeeeeally aflame that Nashville is new until the end. Yesss.

9. Amuse acquaint me you’ve apparent the Easter things at Target. I mean, I’m abiding you accept back Easter is in bristles account but… SPARKLE EGGS.