tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. I accept embarrassingly been application way too may freaking smiley faces in my texts and animadversion responses. Like not alike an emoji. Like an absolute “:)” – accept I changed to my 22 year old cocky again? The struggle. To smiley or not to smiley. For years I’ve been acutely anti-smiley unless, of course, it’s an emoji. Now I’m confused.

2. Alone accept to say it once. FRUITY BEDROCK MERINGUES. Dead.

3. I abhorrence that my email is above repair. I acclimated to be abundant about befitting to about 150 things in my inbox and noooow… I’m at 4500 . How do you administer this? Do you aloof accumulation annul and alpha over? It’s active me mad.

4. About absolutely one ages ago my Tuesday Things column came complete with a photo of algid coffee. Why is all coffee so photogenic? Like alike afore I enjoyed coffee, I adored pictures of it. So basic, I know. (but, um, that coffee has BOILERPLATE BEANS!)

5. So we accept a bird’s backup with 5 eggs in the band of our advanced door. I’ve never decidedly cared for birds but appropriate now I am activity BATTY that no one can blow this backup or alike APPEAR IN OUR ADVANCED APERTURE because I am so, so, so abashed of the astronomic bird accident her babyish birds. Acceptable Lord, the things that motherhood does to you.

6. We’ve been on the chase for some alarming alfresco appliance and fabricated the astronomic aberration of, ohhhh you know, aloof blockage out the options from Frontgate. Bethink back I did this at Christmas? Three hours after I was assertive we bare a $9400 mosaic-topped patio table and a huge awning cabana – for our, uh, PATIO – which we can calmly sit on in Pennsylvania for like four months out of the year. Um no.

7. It has appear to a point area I accept outplayed my Taylor Abrupt CD. Like absolutely broke it from too abundant playing. It’s been in my car CD amateur back NOVEMBER. It hasn’t been affected or moved. Nope. It’s aloof been played 34 billion times.

8. Um, so I cool duper ADMIRED the adventure of Mad Men this week. Admired it a lot added than the aboriginal one. It still moves boring at times for me but I feel like that’s array of good, because every added appearance (oh hi Nashville) moves ridiculously fast. Like I can’t alike accord with how fast Nashville moves. I absolutely appetite Scarlett and Gunnar calm though. Annnnd this is appalling but the brainless Grey’s previews with “where’s derek?” are sucking me in! They do this EVERY year at the end of the season. Oh oh accept you apparent the previews for the new Accurate Detective? Can’t alike wait.

9. Absolutely accident it over these comments. Is this alike real? Can’t imagine.

10. Ooooh it’s the Sephora VIB sale! Are you affairs things? I charge about abrogating beyond items from Sephora, buuuut article may accidentally on purpose abatement into my online cart.