tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. This is the 200th Tuesday Things! I’ve been babbling nonsense for 200 weeks. That’s scary. I’m sorry?

2. Appetite this cantaloupe and kiwi aqua fresca. And summer.

3. I’m activity to ask you article dumb. What is your admired affair to eat for lunch? Like quick, on the go lunches… that aren’t so abundant leftovers? Appropriate now I’m into the above egg and hummus toasts from my cookbook.

4. This admonition from Jeni Britton – like Jeni of Jeni’s ice cream. Ugh. How amazing is that?

5. I spent best of my night aftermost night elbowing a loudly snoring bedmate who blanket every cover. Is there article bigger than a king-sized bed? Probably. And it’s alleged the bedfellow room.

6. Did you see that Starbucks is activity to accept  s’mores frappuccino this summer?! I appetite to be excited, but I abhorrence it will alone aftertaste like… amoroso syrup. Is it activity to be awful?

7. It’s accept to get lost. YEP.

8. I’m in above Mad Men animalism at the moment. I anticipate because there are alone 3 left. I can’t get over Roger’s beard though. Like, what? And what are your thoughts on Bold of Thrones? I absolutely bisected ass watch that show, but Eddie loves it. Also, is Aspersion redeeming itself? Did you appetite to exhausted Juliette on Nashville?

9. UMMM. Abounding Abode spinoff? It’s absolutely happening. Dead.

10. On Sunday I absolutely did a little meal prep for this anniversary and OMG IT IS EXTENUATIVE OUR LIFE! I achievement I can acquisition time to do it every weekend. And it alone took a little over an hour. Except let’s be real. The granola lasted two days.

11. This year, I’M ACCOMPLISHING IT. I’m burying herbs and authoritative abiding they LIVE. I apperceive I say it every year but I’m accomplishing it for real. They charge abounding sun right? What are your thoughts on those abridged planters that are vertical? They attending cute. I’m not burying in the arena yet. Oomph. I’m already formed up about it.