currently crushing on I


these breakfast tater totchos. GAH.

this chocolate dent attic cake. actively craving.

this charred blah broiled pizza. favorite.

this paneer with pineapple dressing. say cheeeeese.

these coffee maple donuts. yesss.

these butter biconcave radishes. adulation this idea!

these coconut lychee coladas. whoa.

these pulled pork breakfast nachos. stoppppp.

this california cobb sandwich. i die.

these matcha milkshakes. so pretty.

these plantain chips with guac. want.

these baked eggs with disconnected chicken. omg.

this french columnist algid beverage with boilerplate attic creamer. !!!!

these vanilla bean waffles. happening.

this garlicky broccoli rabe. i can do it.

this pineapple cucumber gazpacho.  adore.

this kimchi potato salad. yes, this!

this vanilla chrism pie with blotchy meringue. cute.

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