tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Um did you see that Accomplished Foods is advancing out with a lower-priced store? Amuse appear abreast me because the bulk of money I can bead in the grocery abundance is disgusting.

2. I apperceive I can’t ability to save my life, but I appetite to accomplish this vertical assemble garden. It still seems like a agglomeration of work, soooo maybe I’ll aloof stick with my pots.

3. What was the best taco you had aftermost week? I CHARGE TO KNOW.

4. Okay. I aloof can’t do the birkenstock thing. I anticipate they are so hideous. I would rather go barefoot. BUT. I accept aught faculty of appearance (unless beam debris neon backward 90s counts) so what I anticipate agency nothing. You?

5. My acquaintance Tessa has appear out with the best book anytime – this ultimate cookie handbook. It tells you why your accolade are collapsed or fat or attending altered every time and how to accomplish them a assertive way… it’s appealing abundant GOLD. Aggregate you appetite to apperceive about amber dent cookies? It’s there. Aftermost Saturday night we fabricated the ultimate amber dent accolade annnnnnnnd ate them all by Sunday night.

6. Who abroad is accepting the affliction allergies of the century? I basically appetite to rip my arch off.

7. OMG MAD MEN. For some acumen this week’s adventure GUTTED me. I ambition I could say more. Accept you apparent this theory┬áthat the accomplished alternation is based on DB Cooper? Afterwards account it aftermost anniversary I absolutely anticipation it could be true. But due to the affairs of this aftermost episode, I can’t brainstorm it would work. Unless it aloof makes Don be a bigger allotment of applesauce that he already is. But I still adulation him. Whyyyy? Like why do we abatement in adulation with jerks like Don, Chic Acute and Big?!

8. Angle absolute music video. I can’t alike wait.

9. I may aloof be a weee bit aflame that it’s hot dog season. And I ability accept smothered one in guac this accomplished weekend. LIFE.