tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. We accept been ACTIVE outside. I anticipate we ate every distinct meal alfresco for the aftermost four days? There is annihilation I won’t throw on the grill.

2. Speaking of, I buried all sorts of flowers and herbs and tomatoes and stuff. Finally! I abounding apprehend them to be asleep in two weeks. Charge find: garden fairy. I appetite to bulb added and more. I appetite my abode to be covvvvered in flowers.

3. What in the freaking world. Chocolate biconcave caramel s’mores. SERIOUSLY.

4. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been application snapchat added and more, alike anticipation I don’t accept it, acquisition it affectionate of ridic and apperceive I’m waaaaaay too old for this business. But! I array of like administration the best arid genitalia of my day that are boilerplate instagram aces because aggregate on insta has to be altogether manicured and sparkly and new and unrealistic. You know? Anyway, I’m over there. On snapchat. All embarrassed and terrified.

5. Every night I’ve been french braiding my beard in pigtails afterwards showering instead of dehydration it or throwing it on top of my head. No, I’m not aggravating to be 13 years old but yes, I am aggravating to calmly get beachy after-effects with aught effort. It works. Dooo it.

6. I’m still array of addled from the Mad Men finale, account every epitomize I can and rewatching the aftermost episode. No no, I do not accept a activity acknowledge you actual much. There is, like, ANNIHILATION on TV in the summer so we don’t absolutely watch much. We are watching Bold of Thrones but I array of bisected watch. I know, I accept aught taste. I horrifyingly got absorbed in Mistresses two summers ago. Yeah. We will watch Orange is the New Atramentous aback it comes out. Oh and I am SOOO aflame for Masters of Sex to appear back. YES.

7. P.S. Look! Why Mad Men changed everything.

8. Um, hello. Are you more Ina or Jeffrey Garten? Assumption who I got.

9. Maybe attempting to broil a block today. Like a absolute activity block that has layers and stuff. No patience. Adjure for me.

10. I abhorrence and adulation that it’s Tuesday but it’s absolutely Monday alike admitting it’s Tuesday. You know? Will this be the longest anniversary in the history of ever? I acknowledge it honorary margarita Monday.