tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Um. How absurd are these bonbon lipsticks? That is the best artistic brain.

2. Okay. I apperceive I aloof mentioned this a few weeks ago, but really. Does anyone anticipate that autocorrect has been added out-of-control than usual? It’s aggravating to actual about ALL of my words. Accept to good. Acceptable to food. Whaaaaaat to wheat. Omg to one. Maybe it aloof wants me to stop talking like a 13-year old? Yeah probably.

3. Ugh. The internet, texting and aggregate abroad has aloof murdered me grammatically. It’s so appalling and now I’m all “but wait, what’s a comma?!”

4. This. How acknowledged bodies assignment beneath and get added done. Looooove it.

5. In sad account for Tuesday things but acceptable account for my brain, abundance and activity library, I didn’t watch any TV shows this week. I can’t get into the Bachelorette at all. Uh but let me aloof say one thing. If I never, ever, anytime see a examination for The Whispers again, that would be great. I am abashed of those previews. No. Aloof no.

6. Aback I’m rediscovering activity a little, I’ve been aback to account so abundant more. I’m activity to jump on the contemporary appearance and apprehend The Babe on the Train. Will I adulation it? I’m bisected tempted to audio-book it because I will apparently accomplishment it eventually that way back I can accept while I work/recipe test. But that’s never the aforementioned as reading. You feel me?

7. 29 things 90s boyhood girls did in the summer. Oh my gosh about every distinct one. No, these will never get old for me.

8. My macbook adapted to the newest adaptation of iPhoto and I absolutely abhor it. You’d anticipate with all this connected alteration technology I’d be air-conditioned with it but nope. Still abhorrence change. Halp me.

9. I appetite some abode plants! I charge some abode plants. What affectionate of abode plants should I get? Will I annihilate the abode plants? Some accessible abode plants please. Can I buy them online? Could I be any lazier?