tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Puhhhlease attending at this honeycomb atom batter cake. Can this aloof magically arise in my kitchen, like, 10 minute ago?

2. You apperceive how distinct socks, blockhead pins and beard ties consistently go missing alike admitting you accept ten thousand of them? Um, this additionally happens to us with laundry baskets. LAUNDRY BASKETS. Area are they all? Area are they going?

3. Accept you apparent this newsies/uptown alarm video? Dead. Seriously. The best ever.

4. I’ve secretly been eyeing my neighbors’ hydrangeas for weeks now and was animated back they brought a little boutonniere of them over. They admonish me so abundant of Nantucket and I appetite to abound them in these beauteous colors! What do I charge to do? Or are they aloof attractive back we’ve accept buckets of rain every.single.day.?

5. I’m affectionate of psyched for amazon prime day tomorrow and acquisitive there are some exxxcellent deals (cough ahem nepresso cough) – are you attractive for anything? Has this day happened afore and been account it? Because now that I’m a mom I bethink nothing.

6. Are these some of the craziest iPhone photograph hacks or what?

7. Accurate Detective is just… what? I don’t alike know. I don’t abhorrence it, but aftermost year I was additionally array of WTF at this point. Thoughts? Annnnd did you watch Masters of Sex? EEEEP I adulation it so much. Janice Ian for life.

8. What are the right name for these? No really, what do you alarm them?

9. My go-to bite has been chicken blah tortillas broiled over my gas stovetop again brindled with queso fresco. It’s dreamy, affectionate of awkward and accessible as heck.

10. Did I aloof do a Tuesday Things abounding of questions? I anticipate I did.