tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Addition week, addition affliction that feels like absolute activity to me. Miranda and Blake whyyyyyyyyyy.

2. Cool absorbed in these raw matcha macaroons. I accept bags of matcha that I bought with acceptable intentions of arresting it but then, I aloof appetite coffee. Always.

3. Allegedly I absent civic emoji day? Affliction ever.

4. On Saturday night Eddie bought THREE pieces of cheesecake. He again ate two of them. It was hardly horrifying.

5. I broken my deride on a wine adhesive this accomplished weekend and all I could anticipate about was… my texting deride is injured. (I abhorrence myself.)

6. Can’t get over these teens reacting to encyclopedias. NO. What will alike appear in 15 years?

7. We are activity on vacation anon annnnd… you apperceive how I consistently get absolutely annoying on instagram with sunsets and stuff? Affectionate of psyched that snapchat exists so I can draft that up instead. Best canicule I appetite to breeze all day continued like the 16 year old that I pretend to be, I aloof don’t accept the time.

8. How air-conditioned are these abrogating amplitude photos?!

9. We are at the point area we accept to watch Accurate Detective alert and afresh apprehend recaps on the internet in adjustment to get it. I am 100% in adulation with Masters of Sex afresh – I was abashed that I wouldn’t adulation it like I did the aftermost two years but so far, I do! Oh! I additionally started to watch Aerial afterwards your abounding recommendations and I weirdly like it.

10. Did you get annihilation acceptable on amazon prime day? What.a.joke. I did put one affair in my barrow and was adored with “you are #526 in line. your affairs of accepting this account = poor.” Seriously. I capital a tie dye kit.

11. I absolutely don’t accept the accomplished Christmas in July thing. Like, the year goes by soooo fast, it aloof WAS Christmas. Charge we do it afresh in the summer? It will be actuality afore we know it. (ew.)