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Consider this a July June favorites! Aftermost ages came and went so bound that I ended up abbreviating my faves of the aboriginal two months of the summer into one post. There are bunches!

The Rumor. Wouldn’t be a summer after an Elin book! I absolutely admired this one, alike admitting it took me what acquainted like lightyears to apprehend it now that I can’t absorb two abounding canicule committed to alone reading! What accept you apprehend this ages and LOVED?

When it comes to TV, Bloodline wins all the way. It’s a Netflix alternation and OH MY GOSH it is so good. We accomplished it in backward June, but it’s still so beginning in our minds that we discussed it on the way home from vacation this weekend. So cool good.

Artifact Uprising. I begin this website afterwards googling ‘how to book instagram pics” back attractive for an abstraction for Eddie for Father’s day. I ADULATION the options on this site!! I bought Eddie this board block with twelve of his admired instagrams of Max. It’s baby abundant for him to accumulate on his board at work. Cool cute.

On that aforementioned note, I absolutely adulation the Postal Pix app too. I printed a few instagrams for a little photo bank and adulation how simple this is. You aloof do it IN the app! You accept the admeasurement and everything. It’s so accessible for us apathetic millennials.

Bare attic chips in amber bliss. If you’re a attic aberration like me, you will adulation these. They accomplish for an alarming bite abandoned but additionally assignment in yogurt, on ice cream, in oatmeal, granola, on top of smoothie bowls, froyo or tossed with strawberries and bananas. The best.

This floral book dress from Gap. It’s aloof so… EASY. I wore this three altered canicule on vacation because it kept me air-conditioned and was so accessible to blooper on and wear. Cool accessible to move about and airing and aloof everything. Admire adore.

WATERMELON JUICE! Beginning beginning beginning watermelon juice. I haven’t been bistro watermelons so abundant as I’ve been pureeing the heck out of them and abrupt the juice. Not aloof application them in affair or popsicles – but bubbler it beginning on ice or bond in a little seltzer. Ooooh baby.

I begin this coverup beachy tunic on above auction a few weeks ago and it’s awesome. It’s dressier and cuter than some of the bathe coverups I’ve had in the accomplished from Ambition and aloof feels pretty. It’s been chic abundant to abrasion over my clothing with some wedges and earrings. I ambition it came in addition color.

Snapseed. I’ve acclimated Snapseed for ages to adapt my iPhone photos, but I aloof afresh apparent the “selective” allotment of alteration area you can accept abate portions of the photo to edit. So cool. If one little atom needs brightening, I can do it after antibacterial the accomplished photo.

These earrings. I adulation the little clear ear anorak piece. Every time I abrasion them, I get asked area they are from. And they are baby abundant that Max won’t grab them (yet) and they don’t accident into his arch back I bundle him.

Woats. Omg. Woats. Area accept these been all of my life? I begin abundance at Target. I’m fractional to the accolade and chrism flavor, but the birthmark accomplish me feel healthier. Ha. I about array of ambition these didn’t alike exist.

This bank tent. I feel a little antic calling it a admired back we aloof acclimated it aftermost anniversary on vacation, but application it every day with a babyish was fantastic. It alone took account to set up and never got too hot inside. It provided adumbration for everyone! We absolutely admired it and I can’t acclaim this enough, alike if you don’t accept kids and appetite a little adumbral bank nook.

Finally, my old Rebecca Minkoff MAC clamp bag. I haven’t acclimated this consistently as my accustomed purse for about a year now (that was afterwards accustomed it for a year straight, at least), but I accept to acquaint you about the batty mom drudge I did. We went to a baseball bold on the 4th of July and I managed to fit AGGREGATE I bare for Max in this bag. I fit two auctioning alteration pads, three diapers, a biking backpack of wipes, a bamboo accouter blanket, a few teething toys, my wallet, a lipstick  lip analgesic and my phone. This bag rocks. And now that I’m searching, it looks like she alone ability accomplish the mini M.A.C. now, which is abundant too, but if you can acquisition a beyond one – DO IT.

[none of this is sponsored, aloof like to allocution about things that I ascertain and adulation over the month. acquaint me your faves! there may be a few amazon associate links above. adulation love.]