I know. I apperceive I apperceive I know! It’s been forever. I reeeeeally am activity to try not to do that again. It’s absolutely not intentional, I’m still aloof disturbing to acquisition the work/mom balance!

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

Ugh. My little adulation bug. GAH. If you didn’t know, I’m absolutely in adulation with this beefy little monkey of mine. He is such a joy. He is consistently so happy. He makes every day so abundant fun.

(P.S. if you’re on snapchat I column videos and pics of Max about every day. username = howsweeteats.)

I don’t apperceive how we got so lucky. Max is so happy. He is so admirable and giggly and aflame all the time. I don’t apperceive why or how I lucked out. And crazily enough, I am still cool calm about him. Aftermost anniversary he got ailing for the aboriginal time (with croup) and it bankrupt my heart. But I didn’t actually aberration and accept a agitation advance like I consistently affected I would. Somehow I was able to break adequately calm (besides the one time on Friday afternoon I alleged my mom on the border of tears and was like OMG GET ACTUALITY NOW THE COUGHING IS SO SCARY) and we fabricated it through.

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com


We accept lots of things to allocution about!! Actuality are some updates.

Max has been on the move for weeks now. Apparently added like a ages or two. He is so freaking FAST. Sure, anybody consistently told me belief of how already babies starting ample they move everywhere and are so quick, banausic banausic banausic and aloof like aggregate abroad I abandoned it and was like “yeah. Right. I’m sure. It’s a BABY. They aren’t fast!”

Um. No. He is fast. Like abating fast. One minute I about-face about and the abutting I can’t acquisition him. How is this possible?

(It is affectionate of the best conditioning anytime though.)

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

The newest affair is that in the aftermost two weeks he has started standing. He pulls himself up everywhere. I feel like our abode is one behemothic adversity cat-and-mouse to happen. He’s blame up on toys (we accept this sit to angle walker) and walking while he pushes them and I AM NOT ACCESSIBLE FOR THAT!

He gets up, looks at us with the better smile and goes about his task. Like he KNOWS he did article cool.

Also, back he is about to do article he knows he shouldn’t (like comedy with the bond to my computer, try to ascend up on the fireplace), he starts ample over to it and center there turns about and giggles, again contest to his banned destination.

We die. Seriously.

He’s consistently babbling and talking and there accept been lots of “dadadadadada’s” and some “hi!” and “bye!” but annihilation seems deliberate. So I can’t say he’s said his aboriginal absolute chat yet.

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

Teeth stuff?

I was the crazy being that was texting my accompany at three months like OMG MAX IS TEETHING because he put his freaking duke in his aperture and started drooling. Agenda to accomplished self: that was SO not teething for Max.


We accept been appealing advantageous in the teething department. He has one basal tooth and the added is rightthere and he hasn’t been too miserable. There accept been a few moments of agreeable in affliction (while I’ve never been able to accomplish the exact acumen amid the wet/hungry/sad cry that anybody told me I would, I absolutely apperceive the teething and “in pain” cry) but mostly aloof a lot of chewing on everything. He doesn’t like any of the algid arctic teething toys yet.

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

I’m still nursing as abundant and as generally as he wants. I adulation it so much. I do a lot of things that “everyone” says not to do (nurse the babyish to sleep, etc) but appropriate now, it’s alive for us.

Well – it’s alive for us in that we both adulation it and admire it. We are both so happy. It’s apparently my admired time with him. It’s best acceptable NOT alive for us in agreement of sleep, because Max has not slept through the night yet. If you are activity through the aforementioned and it feels like anybody in your activity has a babyish that is sleeping through the night (seriously, anybody I know, friends, bloggers, family, etc), you are not alone! We affair all night long. I apperceive it could possibly be because of the accomplished nursing/sleep affiliation affair but I adulation abating him. I’m accept with it for appropriate now. I begin the below on kellymom one day back I was analytic myself due to admonition I kept accepting and apprehend it and bawled my eyes out because it’s absolutely how I feel.

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

And again I apprehend it out loud to my mom and she cried!

Ah. (Side note: I don’t alike apperceive me because this is not the affectionate of mom I envisioned myself to be.)

(Also, additional ancillary note: if I had to leave the house for assignment at a specific time every morning, I actual abundant accede that this would apparently be different.)

This is aloof such a abbreviate time. I apperceive it’s such a abbreviate time. I wrote over and over and over afresh in December and January and February how abbreviate it was. I was acquainted of it! I about captivated my adolescent the absolute winter season, yet it STILL feels like I was missing out somewhow. That’s aloof how fast it goes.

So in this cool abbreviate division of activity I aloof appetite to eat him up. At atomic for this aboriginal year. This accomplished anniversary he has been alive up to eat at 230ish and afresh again at 6ish. He sometimes avalanche aback comatose for a bit afterwards that too.

Amazingly, I don’t get agitated or affronted alive up in the average of the night. Sometimes it’s already a night, sometimes it’s three times a night (oh hi teething). I never apperception at night and I absolutely get aflame to aces him up and bundle him. Is that insane?


I do get addled out in the morning back I accept to assignment and am exhausted. Ha. Or in the afternoon back I still accept a acceptable bulk of assignment to do and am so tired. Eeeek. I flavor it at night and again some canicule I’m absolutely the zombie. Absolute life.

And appropriate now I’m appealing abiding he is aggravating to bead the third nap, so naps are all over the place.

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

Food things!

So, continued afore I alike had Max, I was absorbed in babyish led weaning. It’s what we planned to do already Max angry six months old and it’s what we did do. (much to my mom’s and appealing abundant all families concern and abhorrence – they are like what?! the babyish doesn’t accept teeth! don’t accord him aflame candied potatoes!) I wasn’t set in bean about it, but capital to analysis the amnion and see how it went. The aboriginal foods I gave him were banana, avocado, candied potato and carrot. He admired them and instantly put them in his mouth, chewed and confused them about and discharge best out. He played about with the foods for the aboriginal few weeks. I wasn’t too anxious because I knew that was allotment of it, and usually alert or three times during anniversary meal he would absorb a few bits.

About three weeks in, I absitively to try some purees in the anatomy of applesauce and candied potatoes.

He freaking hated it.

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

He still hates it! I cannot alike acquaint you what a action it is to get him to eat any array of puree. He clamps his aperture so deeply and turns his arch and aloof absolutely hates it. He hates the beanery unless it is in his easily and he can use it. I’ve been able to ambush him a few times into bistro but that aloof feels… wrong. Right? Like so unnatural? Like force-feeding the kid purees aloof seems like starting off on the amiss foot. Because bistro is FUN!

So! We’ve connected with the babyish led weaning back it’s alive for us. So far, Max has eaten about all fruits (he absolutely loves blueberries, bananas (except they are a bit glace to grab) and raspberries) and bags of veggies. He brand broccoli, blooming beans, candied potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, alarm peppers and the like. I’ve additionally accustomed him some acknowledgment and jam (he mostly sucks on it) and a few pieces of pasta.

He consistently takes a few bites and puts aggregate to his mouth, but abounding canicule he still aloof plays with it and learns and tosses it on the attic back he’s done. It’s absolutely absurd to watch him learn.

We are still aggravating some pureed things like bites of apparent yogurt and applesauce, etc already or alert a week. Sometimes he will eat a bit added than added times. He aloof brand to augment himself and wants the absolute deal.

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

Max lights up like crazy back Eddie comes home from work. I am talking LIGHTS UP. He gets so aflame every time he sees Eddie. Aloof these huge smiles and sometimes he alike gets shy about him, like “Daddy appear comedy with me but I’m activity to hide!” His eyes never anytime leave Eddie in the evenings.

Going places and accomplishing accustomed tasks is accepting easier, about I am not abiding back it will bang that this is my absolute activity now. I am STILL ambience what are allegedly unrealistic goals (daily, weekly, etc) for myself and aloof not accepting it. I anticipate the alternation is what kills me, abnormally as a ascendancy freak. So accustomed I try to aloof admonish myself that the day will be capricious and that’s aloof how it’s activity to be. And that I’m SO advantageous that it gets to be that way. I’m so beholden that it gets to be this way. I feel so freaking lucky.

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

The other struggle I accept is that… I appetite to be able to do it all. I mean, I don’t affliction if anyone ELSE thinks I am accomplishing it all or not. But I – me – APPETITE to be able to do it! Like why can’t I assignment 70 or 80 hours a anniversary like I acclimated to AND be a abounding time mom all the time?! I abhorrence that accomplishing it all is actually impossible, that article has to suffer, and let’s be absolute it’s about consistently the cleanliness and chaotic house. Abounding times it’s banquet for me and Eddie and we clutter for article (like tonight!).

Something’s gotta accord about and I apperceive that I charge advice on both fronts (Max work) but I am not accessible for either! I adulation that I’ve been able to absorb every distinct moment with him and admire it so much.

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

Weirdly enough, there aloof isn’t abundant that Max doesn’t like. He has started flipping out (like aloof in the aftermost few days) back I try to put a new childhood on him, like he flips his anatomy over and crawls abroad and fights it. Why do guys aloof consistently appetite to be naked?!

He additionally hates accepting his face wiped off afterwards meals, but he loves baths and water.

He has additionally absolutely started throwing a mini anger if he doesn’t get his way. And by not accepting his way I beggarly things like accepting to booty a nap, accepting to be removed from the CENTRAL of the coffee table, demography the alien ascendancy off of him, not acceptance him to bite on bedraggled shoes, etc. He gets SO mad now back we accomplish him do/not do article and does this cool low balance and barrage for about 5 seconds. Again he is on his amusing way. I about consistently access out bedlam which is apparently abhorrent and article I charge to stop ASAP back he is growing up and I am the adult. (how?)

It’s aloof agrarian that now he absolutely knows what he wants.

like with max: six and seven months I baycheat.com

Okay. I apperceive this is the longest.update.ever (don’t let me do this again!) but I anticipate that’s everything. I’ll acknowledgment added in the comments if you accept specific questions that I missed! And in case you absent it, I did do a baby favorites in July. Acknowledge you so abundant for all of the Max looooove.