tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Ummmm how beautiful is this amateur assemblage donut cake? I appetite it in amber fudge.

2. In the best abominable about-face of contest in 2015, Eddie has started bubbler smoothies with GREENS. This is unreal. I accept no abstraction what prompted it but on Saturday he absolved in the aperture and said he capital to accomplish a smoothie with spinach. Of course, this is years afterwards I’ve approved to get him to alcohol one – like he wouldn’t alike analysis the adorable one in my cookbook. WHAT.

3. Not gonna lie. I adulation the Old Fleet commercials with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

4. My affliction daydream happened backward Friday night, in the car, in the dark, while sitting in the backseat with Max: a BUG FLEW BOTTOMWARD MY DRESS. I couldn’t see it but aloof acquainted it and the aberrant flipout was clashing annihilation you can imagine. I actually abhor abhor abhor bugs.

5. Do you organize your books by color? I accept my cookbooks organized by blush back I calmly bethink the awning and it makes the kitchen attending pretty. And I accept tons. But all my added books… not abiding I could.

6. I’m in a above instagram rut. It’s true. Beat whomp.

7. Oh I accept so abounding TV things to allocution about. First, did you watch Abhorrence the Walking Dead? Eddie admired it but I’m array of on the fence. Second, did you watch the crooked Abounding Abode appropriate on lifetime? I died. Third, did you apperceive that the Lachey brothers accept a freaking absoluteness appearance on A&E?! Fourth, I approved to watch Wet Hot American summer on Netflix and it fabricated me blench with secondhand embarrassment the absolute time. I just… couldn’t. Thoughts?

8. This is so my academician appropriate now. mom assignment lifebrain