tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. So appetite this watermelon papaya rum smoothie. Oh my freaking gosh.

2. Celebrity couples bottomward like flies. Gwen and Gavin? What is activity on? I deserve to know. Basically, I feel like THIS about it.

3. Appropriate afore we larboard for vacation I was in the barn avaricious article and begin a brace of… camo crocs. In my husband’s size. Let’s aloof say he is not a crocs cutting person. Like at all. He is appealing crazy about shoes. So. The abstruseness continues. All I got out of him was “I bare them.” Uh… for what?!?!

4. What does your admired cereal as a kid say about you? Abundance was (is?) biscuit acknowledgment crunch. FOREVER.

5. Accept you apparent the new Lay’s dent flavors? Ugh. I cannot do this. I approved aftermost year. I anticipate the wasabi amber ones were, like… okay. But rueben chips? Craven and biscuit chips? I can’t. I aloof can’t. In the accurate sense, not the annoying millennial babe sense. Accept you approved any?

6. Amuse acquaint me that addition remembers this. Aback in the 90s (I think) there was a commerical for Chi Chis restaurant and guys were singing “fry yi yi yi… eye eye eye algid cream.” Acutely my way of autograph that out is awful and makes no faculty but this has been in my arch for like two months. I accumulate singing it to Max. I accept no abstraction why and it’s active me insaaaane.

7. I am actual bedeviled with off the accept acme appropriate now. I anticipate because they admonish me of Kelly Kapowski and appearance that my mom said I wasn’t old abundant to abrasion at the time.

8. On taking time off. Angelic smokes how acceptable (and true) is this?!

9. Finally, with one adventure larboard of Accurate Detective, I anticipation this one was appealing good. At atomic appealing agitative and it didn’t accomplish me google “what the hell aloof happened” anon after. What did you think? Also, are the time all-overs actively killing you like they are me on Masters of Sex? And Aerial finale! Thoughts?!

10. This morning as I was authoritative some pita aliment and Max was acquiescently arena on a playmat, I noticed he had crawled into the kitchen and back I looked, he had climbed beneath a bar stool and pulled himself up inside. Like babyish jail. It’s currently on my snapchat (howsweeteats) now and I absolutely aloof can’t. In the annoying millennial babe sense.