tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. It’s that time of the year area I accept to bethink not to go crazy on affairs academy food because that I, um, DON’T CHARGE THEM. But they are so lovely… #lisafrankforlife

2. You apperceive what added division is approaching, a division besides academy accumulation division that is appropriately as abhorrent for the wallet and wonderful? Autumn candle season. No, I apperceive autumn isn’t abutting but the candles are out and as a crazy candle lady, I will abutment the economy.

3. Absolutely absorbed in authoritative this antique amazon pie with parm for banquet one night this week. Abnormally afterwards my (not-so-shocking) pie abort aftermost week.

4. I deleted over 40K photos from my computer this weekend (on purpose!) and it ACQUAINTED SO GOOD. It acquainted like a abundant sneeze.

5. Bethink back I spent 12 hours organizing my abdomen at ten months abundant and again spent 35 abnormal antibacterial the organization? I’m cerebration of accomplishing one of those accomplished one project a day for a ages things. It acutely couldn’t be article big (like abdomen alignment in one day because accost babyish work) but maybe article little so I can stop active like an developed child.

6. Catastrophe thoughts of Accurate Detective? I apprehend a agglomeration of recaps online and accede with them: WHY? Why did that all happen? I did affectionate of like the actual aftermost arena though. We were all ailing this accomplished weekend so on Saturday night, Eddie and I binged on Ballers and watched every adventure so far. We absolutely admired it, but agreed it’s a acceptable appearance to affair on – maybe not get every week? It’s like a sports Entourage. Also, why do I adulation Ricky Jarrett? Ha.

7. All of the politics-already-starting agitation being activity on has me agog to rewatch The West Wing. (Probably additionally because Allison Janney was aback in Masters of Sex this accomplished week, love) Who’s in? I anticipate we should have, like, a West Addition book club, but, um… it’s a show.

8. I begin this via shutterbean aftermost anniversary and it is SO perfect: how to get being done. These tips! Do it.

9. I knew this, but I aloof horrifyingly remembered that you can go aback and apprehend EVERY DISTINCT Tuesday Things column (all 200 of them) by beat on the little “tuesday things” tag at the basal of the post. Above blench time.