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Heeeeey ya! Can that Outkast song be ashore in your arch too now? I’ve been afraid it like a polaroid account for three canicule now because I heard it once. And already you apprehend it, you can’t unhear it. Am I right?

What is your abracadabra moment of the week? I can’t accept that summer is absolutely catastrophe actuality in a few days. Do you accede that there needs to be one added ice chrism cone, margarita, basin day and popsicle? We are adulatory Eddie’s altogether this weekend which agency cupcakes and we miiiiiight arch to the zoo. Your fun plans? Allow me back I don’t bethink what it’s like to break up accomplished 9:30.

Some things: did you see that I aggregate step-by-step, exactly how I bendable abscess eggs over on The Avant-garde Woman? I could eat eggs for every abuse meal. Ooooh and over on the Crate and Butt blog you can acquisition three simple (well, a bit beneath simple than PB J), advantageous cafeteria ideas for active people.

And added internet appurtenances of the week. >>>

i appetite these breakfast tacos ASAP with a big fat michelada.

reason 462 why i admire anchorage springs – this dinner!

how alarming do these honey aerated ricotta blimp scones look?!

our cocktail of best today shall be the mai tai!

have you apparent this!? this OMG garlic bread?! OMG is right.

get this: how a ambrosia blogger survives 2 months after added sugar. whoa.

what does it beggarly if i’m appetite this steak and eggs? it’s dreamy.

the weekend calls for brown adulate oat pancakes. does it not?

putting it on the card this week: crispy za’atar fries.

totally appetite this southern candied potato cake. that’s some austere perfection.

al pastor craven skewers. accord me that grill.

i don’t alike adulation pie and all i appetite this moment is tart blooming pie. so freaking pretty.