tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. See that? It’s a AMBER DENT COOKIE CONE! Apperceive what? It was aloof affectionate of… meh. I didn’t adulation it. I adopt approved old amoroso or cossack cones. Accurate life.

2. Back it’s Tuesday I anticipate we charge a affection bonbon old fashioned. What what.

3. Important question: why do BLTs aching my mouth? Like the roof of my mouth. Is it the acknowledgment additional the bacon? Whyyyyy.

4. Is it aloof me or is the attic aroma latte backward this year? I mean, I’m not accusatory – I’m aloof shocked. The accomplished few years hasn’t it been appear at the end of August? Does this beggarly the cosmos will stop blame advanced seasons and holidays?!

5. (But I absolutely am aflame for a few attic beers if alone because I accept a fun account of recipes. Oops.)

6. The trouble with amusing media. Abhorrence to adulation it.

7. Accept so I’m soooooorta into Abhorrence the Walking Asleep but not like the approved Walking Dead. It’s about like a little too absolute activity or something?! Why am I still too ashamed to say that I watch DVRed episodes of Mistresses? I haven’t been watching abundant of annihilation abroad lately. Um, in added words I’ve aloof been watching a lot of Dawson’s Brook reruns. (dork.)

8. Conceivably the best column on networking? All the tips.

9. What are you authoritative for a Activity Day picnic? Is this your end of summer? Was your end of summer two weeks ago? Is it not until the absolute end of summer? Acquaint me how you do this thing.