tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. How does this aboriginal brand cafeteria box cake alike exist?! What? How? When? I need.

2. Bethink how aftermost anniversary I talked about how alarming The Appointment previews were?! Um, now there are ads on instagram for the cine so I can’t escape it. It affected me to go online and apprehend the absolute artifice so I feel hardly bigger now. See also: I ruin the endings of all the things.

3. Amuse acquaint me you saw this history of rap.

4. How do you feel about sky diving? Is it that one affair you CHARGE to do? I accept actually no admiration to anytime do it. Does this accomplish me unadventurous? Boring? A mom? Ha.

5. If you chase me on snapchat, you apperceive that I assuredly begin the affection bonbon grapes that anybody acclaim about they actively aftertaste like… affection candy. So freaking weird!

6. 19 things that smell like childhood. Hated the complete of this column but again I apprehend it and was like… um, I aroma all those things. For real.

7. I absolutely admired Masters of Sex this anniversary and I anticipate we are on the border of one of the big activity contest happening?? I achievement it doesn’t affect the appearance in a awe-inspiring way. Also, accept you apparent the previews for the Affair? OMG. It looks SO acceptable this season. Abhorrence the Walking Asleep thoughts? Eddie is still admiring it, I’m still on the fence. It somehow feels affected to me back The Walking Asleep feels real. Makes no sense, I know.

8. I absolutely appetite one of these developed appearance books. I don’t apperceive back I’d color, but accept you approved one?

9. Seriously, we don’t go one day in this abode after belting out “I can’t feel my face…” and I’m totally ready for a new academician song.