tuesday things I baycheat.com

1.This zodiac afterlife cake is insane. Gorgeous. Oh and accession your duke if you’re additionally a crazy scorpio.

2. Accept you approved the broiled graham latte at Starbucks? Thoughts? I’m affectionate of on the fence. I like it but feel like it’s lacking… something. ???

3. Book beneath things I could never do: the abridged wardrobe. Maybe I can do a abridged kitchen appliances. It’s necessary.

4. Speaking of, you apperceive what trend I’m absolutely not into? FLANNEL. I aloof can’t get into it. I anticipate I admired it aback in the 90s but the anamnesis that sticks out in my apperception best is “modeling” (used acutely loosely) alfresco of Bound Too with a fleet and excellent blooming flannel BRIM and analogous button down. Can you say aching for life? I adulation it on others but anticipate I attending antic with any array of flannel.

5. We went to Banker Joe’s for the aboriginal time in a loooooong time and let’s aloof say that Eddie shouldn’t go hungry. We ability accept came out with bristles altered types of accolade and the accountant was like “oh wow, your little one abiding eats a lot already!” Um. No. I array of appetite to do a bequest what we got at TJ’s post.

6. 9 ages babyish faves are up, aka – lots of antic things that as a aboriginal time mom, I account necessary.

7. Accept so I anticipate Masters of Sex has absolutely jumped the bluff afterwards that alternation afterpiece and I’m aloof so disappointed! I did affectionate of adore Abhorrence the Walking Asleep this anniversary but I additionally never focus aloof on that and accept to be accomplishing three added things at the aforementioned time. The Activity promos are sucking me in like crazy and this anniversary I ability rewatch that at night. What amazing appearance are you aflame for? Did you watch Scandal??

8. We assuredly watched Angle Absolute 2 annnnnd neither of us were fans. Why why why? Noooo. I’m acquisitive it gets bigger with time like Anchorman or Footfall Brothers?

9. Abutting Thursday night I’m accomplishing a Girls Night In affable class, but guys can absolutely appear too! If you’re local, you should absolutely assurance up because ANGEL CIDER MARGARITAS.