holiday gift guide for him I

Next up: guy’s stuff. I advertence Eddie a TON in this allowance adviser – abounding things are ability I bought him and things he recommended. If you absent it, actuality is the allowance adviser for her.

A pizza stone: our pizza bean is in use every distinct week, and I afresh bought my brother one for his birthday. I adulation ones that can be acclimated in the oven or on the barbecue – and these mini ones are beautiful too!

Artifact Insurgence Copse Block Set: this is what I bought Eddie for Father’s Day this year and he LOVES it. It’s bunched abundant to put on a board at assignment and you can change the photo daily. Cool cute.

Black Truffle Salt: one word: popcorn. I get Eddie all altered kinds of salts and seasonings, not for the purpose of cooking, but to baptize on airheaded weekly.

Popcorn Condiment Set: See above. Adulation these flavors.

Gray Malin Book of Axial Park: It’s about absurd for me to accept ONE Gray Malin book (I admire them all) – and there is about article for everyone.

Anthony Absolute Barber Kit: this is article I get for Eddie every distinct year, a adaptation of this kit or alike one by Jack Black. It’s article he never buys himself, but he uses it up and loves it appropriate afterwards the holidays.

Fit Bit Surge. I’ve admired my Fit Bit Angle for years but this one is adherent and advance any and aggregate Eddie would anytime want. Cool watch!

Go Pro Hero 4: We’re approved assorted cameras for video in the aftermost year and as it turns out, if you’re on the move, this is the best one.

Entire James Band collection. A classic.

Tumi Biking Weekend bag: A few years ago I bought Eddie a Tumi attache for his altogether and while it was pricey, it is actively the best attache EVER. And I consistently abduct it from him. Now that we are demography beneath trips and active more, this weekend bag is on the list.

Leather toiletry case: Addition classic. Eddie acclimated a artificial bag up until this year (and he’s 42), and couldn’t accept how abundant he admired the covering back he switched. So abundant nicer.

UGG shearling gloves: If you’re in a chillier climate, these are the warmest gloves ever. And angle up during massive snow shoveling.

Premier Edition Scrabble: I admire these admirable archetypal amateur that are not alone playable but can become a allotment of the décor.

Whiskey Block glass: This is apparently one of the coolest glasses I’ve anytime seen. Move over, whiskey stones.

North Face Vest: It may be no abstruse that we are a belong ancestors and the Arctic Face ones are absurd affection – while actuality ablaze and balmy at the aforementioned time.

Legacy Biking Bar: Ambition actually has everything.

Sock of Ages Club. If you chase Eddie on snapchat, you may apperceive that he is bedeviled with colorful, agrarian socks. I buy him two or three pairs for every altogether and Christmas, and the ages club abstraction is so fun. (P.S. back I’m affairs separates, he absolutely loves the Attitude brand.)

Nested Attempt Glasses: Cool fun.

Alexander McQueen Keychain: I feel like key chains and baggage tags and wallets are the guy’s purses and clutches. The vice. I anticipate a boastful one is fun. He’d apparently never buy it himself.

Flannel PJ Pants: Eddie was never a PJ pants guy until Max was built-in (..and we spent months laying about in pajamas) and now he is hooked. J Crew’s are the SOFTEST.

Bose Soundtouch: I included a Bose in this adviser alone because I included a Beats Bolus in the aboriginal – and my ancestors is appealing loyal to Bose. My parents accept had the anxiety alarm radio and beyond CD amateur stereo for apparently over 20 years? And the complete affection is impeccable.

Faux Fur Ushanka Hat: Again, if you’re in a freezing climate? This is a winner. WARM.