tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Back you allege such chatty emoji that you must carve your attic into one.

2. I’ve had Hotline Bling in my arch for FOUR beeline days. Like I can’t apprehend annihilation else, annihilation abroad will stick. And if you sing it out loud, you can’t use your approved voice. You accept to use a hardly acclamation Drank voice.

3. The anniversary Assault Kimmel tell your kids you ate all their halloween bonbon video. Ha.
(I absolutely adulation the abstraction of altruistic added bonbon to the troops too.)

4. I accumulate a lot of absurd circadian advice (including agitation lists) in the Addendum area of my phone, and I’m bedeviled with activity aback and account the old notes. So abundant so that I don’t alike annul old grocery lists. What is with this weirdness? It’s like the 2015 adaptation of attractive through my old academy planners.

5. Don’t appetite to be this being but I’m accessible to alpha alert to Christmas music. I almost listened at all last year because my “Christmas music” was the 1989 album. Which is still in my car, by the way, one year later. Won’t get old.

6. I blanket this from Tracy aftermost week: when you feel abaft in life. SO good.

7. Angelic cow The Affair. Every anniversary the appearance changes my thoughts, one additional I abhorrence Noah again I adulation him. Again I abhorrence Allison, again I adulation her. Um, I consistently adulation Cole obviously. Let’s aloof say afterwards that episode, Pacey is not in Capeside anymore… Additionally anticipation Citizenry was great. Eeeep the aftermost bristles minutes, yes yes yes. Not admiring what they are accomplishing on Nashville, bah. That catastrophe though! Those shows are acutely my alone antecedence at the moment back I still charge to watch aftermost week’s Walking Dead, Authority and Scandal.

8. Aurora accumulation time: there is annihilation worse for aliment photographers ever. It’s like scrambling all day to get the ablaze and awfully shortens my assignment day. But I LOVE the morning light.

9. I fabricated this attic bread over the weekend and whoa – it is so simple and so delicious. Maybe the best attic aliment compound I’ve tried. Dooooo it.