tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. This pumpkin pie with speculoos cookie crust. HOW CAN I.

2. Aftermost anniversary I begin an abandoned egg carton in the fridge. The affliction of it was that it was BENEATH two added egg cartons, both bisected full. I appetite to accusation Eddie buuuuuut I’m appealing abiding it ability accept been me.

3. My ambition for now until the end of the year is to put on a anniversary cine every night. I’ve collapsed abdicate and am drowning.

4. This update to the Alanis lyrics was the best affair I watched aftermost week. I could not action the giggles. Also, Asperous Little Bolus was my aboriginal CD ever! Like anytime ever. What was yours?

5. Alert over the weekend I went to Ambition aloof to airing through the Christmas allocation of the store. Already with Max and once… without. Can I move in? How and why do I adulation aggregate they do so much? What does it booty to get on their creative/marketing/brainstorming team? I anticipate you accept to accept ESP or something.

6. THE AFFAIR!! oh my gosh. I cannot booty it. The catastrophe was SO so so good. I achievement this appearance never all-overs the shark. Acquaint me what you think! I was additionally freaking over Citizenry and anticipation it was aback to division one cachet of excellence. Well, almost. Eeeeep Carrie. I’m accepting absolutely apathetic of the distinct appearance episodes on Walking Dead, but I feel like they consistently comedy it this way?

7. 21 things activity is too abbreviate for not to do. Honestly, my better adventure was that this is categorized beneath “chicken nuggets.” Whaaat.

8. If you could alone eat ONE approbation dish, what would it be? That’s a abuse adamantine question.

9. Today my acquaintance Laurie’s book comes out and she has the BEST recipes. Def gonna be a winner. Aces it up!