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Hiiii. I absent one anniversary due to my anniversary baking post and I feel like I absent out on so abounding internet goods! The internet is animate with accolade and… peppermint. Lots and lots of peppermint. Which I’m into, because I spent absolutely a appealing penny on peppermint bark and all it’s different accessories aftermost night. Alike admitting I’m absolutely planning on authoritative my own.

How are you? What are you accomplishing this weekend? We shopped ’til we alone aftermost night – actively Max is a dream client and hangs for HOURS. It’s the best. I beyond a agglomeration of bodies off my list, including myself like four times. Whyyyy. I’m the worst. Today we are activity on a Christmas abode bout and then, it’s abounding absolute affair planning approach because SOMEBODY IS AXIS ONE. Whaaaaat.

Over on the How Candied Eats facebook page, I’m assuming you how to accomplish super accessible BISCUIT donuts with nutella dip. EEEP!

If you still accept arcade to do to, accept you apparent my allowance guides? His Hers Stocking Stuffers. I adulation it! And I additionally aggregate some of my admired anniversary music this anniversary forth with my admired anniversary movies. And over on the avant-garde woman, I aggregate how to accomplish angel cider syrup. It’s so delicious, it’s drinkable. I mean, not really, but you know.

Oh! And my november adorableness favorites, of course. Which I may had added to aftermost night. oops.

Have a fab one!

‘net faves (ew):

adorable homemade affection amoroso cubes. i cannot.

i’ve absitively that baked gnocchi with mozzarella is activity to be our go-to meal this week. maybe… twice?

peppermint case arctic hot chocolate. i die.

also, this freaking blotchy peppermint crisis cake. see, i appetite aggregate peppermint amber appropriate this instant.

what abroad on apple could be bigger than the ultimate meat lovers pizza?

definitely activity to be on my cookie tray this year: vegan absolute caramel pecan turtles.

this winter crostini! it’s dreamy.

blueberry chrism cheese donuts! oomph.

cocktail of the month, i account you to be cranberry amber whiskey smash.

whoa whoa whoa – mushroom blimp banknote rolls. i’m all over this as a non-sausage lover.

another cool accessible weeknight din, these broiled delicata annihilate tacos are so me.

sticky date biscuit rolls are allusive my nutella obsession.

how admirable does this adornment pasta in ablaze dejected cheese sauce look? the freaking flavor.

i accept a austere eggnog attraction at the moment, so eggnog almond scones? i’m all over you.