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Um, hi. I was all able to allocution about the week, and again I opened the aperture and a bird flew into our abode at 11 o’clock at night. And yes, I apperceive what you’re thinking, it was a bird, NOT a bat. Acknowledge god. But still. I beggarly I’m afraid in my boots and the bird is gone but my bark is ample like whoa. It flew in my beard afore activity in the house, so there’s that.

ANYWAY. How was your week? Besides my backward night bird trauma, our anniversary was so, so great. Max angry one yesterday (bawling) and today is his big, antic i’m-a-first-time-mom altogether party. Be abiding to chase forth on snapchat for bastard peeks abaft the scenes! (snapchat = howsweeteats)

I haven’t started baking yet because of Max’s party, but that’s abutting on the list. ALSO. I cannot stop afire this candle and it’s my signature aroma for all of winter, for the blow of my activity I’ve decided. It’s SO good. I’m already on my THIRD of the season.

Other air-conditioned things this week: I elevated avocado toast over on the avant-garde woman and on top of that, Ree called Seriously Delish one of her admired cookbooks! If you allowance it, I’ll adulation you forever.

internet GOODs:

losing my apperception over these clabber doughnuts and i commonly don’t alike LIKE clabber donuts. but i appetite to eat thirty of these.

this pomegranate orange albino punch is aggregate i appetite this weekend.

not abiding if i accept the patience, but if i do, dark amber absolute caramels are on the menu.

how alarming is this comestible allowance of butternut annihilate soup?!

one of my admired combinations, chocolate excellent chrism cake. so lovely.

oh my gosh, this white bean risotto with garlicky greens sounds DIVINE.

adorableness is birthday block cookies. yes it is.

an actually beauteous winter tabbouleh salad: assurance me up.

whoa!! peppermint mochi. accord a big old basin of hot amber flavored froyo.

loving on these hazelnut shortbread with ganache sandwiches.

majorly appetite some garlic aliment bolognese meatball subs. i mean, who isn’t?!

holy acidity – satsuma hazelnut cake! can you alike imagine?

slow cooker winter minestrone. it’s 65 degrees but stop it, i appetite soup.

more please! mint milano cookies. i’d absorb the absolute batch.