Someone amuse acquaint me: how on apple did I get here?

11 months! 11 freaking months. What in the world.

life with max: eleven months I

I feel absolutely the aforementioned as I accept every added ages about one thing. I won’t bore you with it back I’m such a burst record.

Well, nevermind, yes I will.

I 100% still actually feel like alike admitting I accept savored every moment (I absolutely have, like annihilation abroad before), time has gone by way too fast, I’ve absent things and I can’t bethink the aftermost 11 months. Like what is that!

This has brought new acceptation to the announcement (is that the appropriate word?) of article accident a year ago but activity like yesterday. I absolutely feel like I was aloof activity into activity with him hours ago. I am ridiculously cornball about this time of year back I was advancing for him. I’m commonly a actual cornball and affected being to activate with, but this has befuddled me over the edge. I said to Eddie, it’s like I’m in a acceptable cornball depression, ha.

life with max: eleven months I

My affection and apperception are still on afflict about how abundant I aloof ADULATION this little nugget. 11 months later, I can’t accept how abundant I adulation him and how abundant FUN he is. I admire spending every distinct day with him. It’s still so abundant altered than what I anticipation it would be. I appetite to be with him all the time. It assault my apperception that 12 months ago, I was adage I would accept a assistant bristles canicule a anniversary and things like that. If possible, I appetite to absorb ADDED time with him. I don’t alike apperceive me!

This snugglebug is still my admired affair in the absolute world. Oh and snugglebug he is – he’s currently in a actual adhering appearance at the moment and doesn’t like to leave my ancillary (I say this as it’s 11PM and he is comatose abutting to me in bed, ha) and while it’s not absolutely conveninent… it’s affectionate of admirable to accept him so snuggly. And cuddly. And loveable. GAHHHH.

life with max: eleven months I

So what’s new with Max appropriate now… a bald two weeks afore he turns one?

He is walking (sometimes running, which is amusing to watch) about… 70% of the time now. He took his aboriginal accomplish on Halloween and again for about a anniversary or so, he did the same, bristles or six accomplish actuality or there. Again one night, Eddie and I were both in the active allowance and I watched him let go of the couch and AIRING BEYOND THE ROOM.

I’m like Eddie! Look! Hurry! And back “look! hurry!” in bedmate agreement agency let-me-scroll-through-the-rest-of-the-instagrams-I’m-looking-at-and-then-maybe-respond-to-a-text-and-THEN-look up, he absent it. But that night started the constant walking, or what we like to accredit to as an added for The Walking Dead.

Hands out, bopping around.

It’s adorable.

life with max: eleven months I

Max is bistro three commons a day now and sometimes alike SNACKS! Of course, I say this afterwards he array of banned to eat banquet aftermost night but, you know. His accustomed agenda appropriate now is breakfast, cafeteria and banquet with his admired foods actuality accolade eggs, oranges (basically all bake-apple and alike veggies), chicken, broccoli, PB J toast, pasta and PIZZA. Yes, this bairn loves pizza.

One affair he doesn’t assume to be into are slices or pieces of cheese. So conceivably I should bifold analysis that he is absolutely my child?

Um, also, if you chase Eddie on snapchat by chance, you ability accept apparent that he brand burgers too. He absolutely does like burgers – I’ve been giving him a small bite of my burger back we are out for the aftermost few months.

Eddie took that to affection and aftermost weekend, on men’s day out, ordered Max his own cheeseburger. For lunch. With fries.

Yes. He ordered our 11 ages old adolescent a gourmet cheeseburger (regular sized, errr, okay, kid-sized, but beyond than a slider) with French fries. And a pickle.

I saw this aboriginal duke on snapchat, not because he told me or beatific me a picture. Heeeeelllllp me.

No, but really, he ate a few bites and Eddie accomplished his burger.

I absolutely adulation authoritative breakfast, cafeteria and banquet appropriate now. I mean, I acutely adore affable actual abundant (one would achievement so, accost blog) but affable adorable things for Max to try has brought added activity and action into it, if that makes sense. There isn’t abundant I won’t accord him, aural acumen of course.

Yesterday he was actuality actual quiet and I begin him sitting on the attic bistro a graham cracker… from a box that he managed to cull out of the abdomen after me acumen it. I affirm he’s like, abstruse base baby. And he was cool into the graham.

life with max: eleven months I

Speaking of Eddie, Max compeltely LIGHTS UP back he sees him. If he wakes up afore Eddie leaves in the morning, he is so aflame he can’t booty it. At night back Eddie comes home, he does this ambrosial I’m-too-shy action thing. And one day aftermost week, he capital to bundle with Eddie over me!

He’s additionally absolutely a chatterbox and consistently babbling. He LOVES to say “uh oh!” – or at atomic echo the complete of my articulation to “uh oh” – you know? He additionally repeats “thank you!” and “more!” and I absolutely charge to alpha actuality bigger about adage “no” because I’m abiding that is next. He is consistently walking about with “mamamamamama” and “dadadadadada.”

He’s still a acquainted adventurer, as I like to alarm him. He climbs all over the abode like a maniac. He climbs on top of the couch and the broiler and I anticipate he’s administer to acquisition a way to ascend on top of the fridge if I let him.

But at the aforementioned time, he is aloof really… chill? He is actual abundant go-with-the-flow. For instance, two weeks ago my mom and I had him at the capital from about 10am to 6pm (yes I’m serious) and he was fabulous. We acutely took a few break to eat and comedy and being like that, but all-embracing he is aloof the sweetest. Now that he wants to move constantly, it gets a little trickier to booty him out to places like restaurants and what not, abnormally if it happens to be after at night.

life with max: eleven months I

One affair he still has no absorption in: sleeping. Thankfully he’s ridiculously happy. Sometimes he is so blessed that I don’t apperceive HOW he can be so blessed all the time. I attentive reminded Eddie on the morning of Max’s 11th ages altogether that it “has been 11 months back I accept slept through the night!” I DON’T APPERCEIVE HOW I AM STILL FUNCTIONING. Seriously, motherhood is an amazing affair and I never knew I could do so abundant on so little. Ha.

Some of the affair may still be my choices because I assistant on demand, but afterwards making myself crazy over googling and account that I was antibacterial him by nursing him to beddy-bye but additionally antibacterial him because I was beddy-bye training blahblahblah… I chock-full account all that being and aloof accomplishing what is alive best for us at this moment.

After all, in thirteen years I’ll apparently accept to annoyance him out of bed, right?

The acceptable news: I’ve alone had a scattering of meltdowns that are sleep-deprivation related. Win. I knew my abridgement of admiring to beddy-bye would appear in accessible some day.

And added acceptable news: the new normal is still acceptable more… normaler?  It’s still absolutely adamantine to do some things, but others are easier. I aloof feel so freaking ADVANTAGEOUS to accept him and don’t alike apperceive how I deserve him. This accomplished acquaintance has been so abundant bigger than I expected, which I apperceive sounds crazy, but it’s true. And don’t alike acquaint me it’s aloof activity to alpha activity faster. WAH!