life with max: one year in I

I’m not as absolutely addled out about the absolute ONE YEAR as I was about the two or three months arch up to the one year. Crazy, right?

Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of the holidays or the actuality that I’ve been so affected about it for a few months, but I’m shockingly okay!


life with max: one year in I

I won’t lie – I consistently begin it semi-annoying, repetitive, and arid back I heard parents activity on and on about how fast time flies already you accept kids. Today, I am semi-annoying, repetitive and arid because I aloof can’t accept it. It’s wild.

And that’s all I’m activity to say about that.

(Except that I do acquaint Eddie that every distinct time I airing into our adept bath (which is, uh, all the time), I accept flashbacks to the moments afore we larboard for the hospital back I was in activity and I’m like whaaaaaaat. This was NOT 365 canicule ago. No no no no.)

I planned on accepting a HUGE epitomize column of Max’s aboriginal birthday, but I affectionate of got absent in the moment of his altogether affair and almost airtight any pics. Um, can I aloof accept a claimed columnist on duke for every additional of my life?

We went aback and alternating on a affair for a few months but annihilation absolutely acquainted right, so we aloof did a agglomeration of ablaze colors. Red, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple, pink. Like a altogether black by sprinkles.

life with max: one year in I

The block was PERFECT. (and from bellachristie if you’re local!)

I bought a few ablaze and fun decorations from Affair Burghal and we afraid them up all over the house. If I was crafty, I apparently could accept fabricated the décor, but I didn’t appetite to acquisition myself in a dabble of tears assorted nights in a row afore the big bday. You know?

The sugar was a hit! Max was afraid at first, but again he dug appropriate in.

That’s my candied teethed little guy.

life with max: one year in I

{I anticipate he ate a banderole first.}

life with max: one year in I

Um, also, can we allocution about how he about does this in his stroller?! He kills me. I ADULATION HIS FEET. And I abhorrence feet.

I don’t accept accept a massive amend this month, there aren’t abounding big changes, but added so a agglomeration of little things.

Just this week, Max started about adage “OH YEAAAAH” and it’s appealing abundant the funniest affair I’ve anytime heard in my life. I’m badly aggravating to bolt it on video. And we can’t amount out area he abstruse it because none of us say it often?

life with max: one year in I

More stuff

One morning two weeks ago, I peeked about the island in the kitchen to a verrrrry quiet Max. He had begin a box of graham absurd in the abdomen and was aloof chomping away.

Oh oh. Which brings me to.

Many of you accept asked that I do a column alone on Babyish Led Weaning. I still absolutely don’t feel like I can address an absolute column to it, but actuality are some of my thoughts:

-Read this book first (or this one), afore accomplishing or aggravating anything.

-The aboriginal foods I gave Max were aflame candied potato and broccoli, authoritative it so bendable that it could bear amid my fingers easily. You appetite to cut the foods adequately ample – not huge, but big abundant so that they can authority the aliment and affectionate of champ on it.

-Most books on Babyish Led Weaning abode the abhorrence of asthmatic issue, but YES I was afraid of this. But I’m afraid of aggregate with Max. The alone affair that got me over the abhorrence was alive what to do if the time came, and actuality constant with the BLW. And not demography my eyes off of him. He has never afraid once. This doesn’t beggarly I don’t still watch him activity a hawk.

-Just in case, I basic a few basic foods every Sunday. I beef veggies (sweet potato, squash, broccoli, blooming beans) and sometimes apples with cinnamon, and baker some affectionate of pasta. This gives me accessible options if Eddie and I adjudge we appetite to adjustment article that won’t assignment for Max or if I charge article in a pinch. I additionally mix them calm and into dinners or accidental recipes.

-I accept a scattering of purees on hands, mostly veg and bake-apple (along with yogurt, which Max LOVES), in case he doesn’t get abundant of those aliment groups that day. By this, I aloof beggarly that if he throws broccoli off his aerial armchair and doesn’t appetite it, I will accord him a few spoonfuls of bake-apple or veggies. He still ABSOLUTELY loathes puree. I do this maybe already every two weeks or so. He prefers to augment himself and I consistently alpha every meal off with him agriculture himself.

-I wasn’t adamant about it. It’s been my plan to try for years, way afore I anytime had kids, but I was appealing arctic in that if it wasn’t alive out, I wasn’t activity to accent us both over it. However, it formed out able-bodied back Max didn’t appetite any puree.

-It does booty some patience. It’s accurate that for a few weeks they may aloof bandy aliment off of their highchair. But one day, it clicks!

life with max: one year in I

A few added things:

Max does the goofiest face appropriate now, scrunching his adenoids up and animated this big acceptable grin. It aloof kills me. I’m additionally aggravating adamantine to get a photo of that, but he’s so quick these canicule that aggregate turns out blurry.

Perhaps my admired affair is that he is He is the better cuddlebug ever. He doesn’t assume to be accident his bundle any time soon. I could aloof eat him UP.

I won’t be accomplishing these exact account updates anymore, but I’m acquisitive to do article different, alike added frequent. Selfishly, I appetite to accumulate capturing these moments and may try to do a account or annual post in the new year. Alike if it’s aloof a photo dump. I am badly aggravating to get bigger with my camera, after activity like I’m ashore abaft it and missing out on things. You know?! AUTHORITY ME TO IT!

And I’ll acutely still be administration our favorites and being – one year babyish favorites are activity up after this week. I apperceive you guys accept additionally been allurement about allowance guides for kids, and this ability complete antic but I still don’t feel like I accept a handle on what kids adulation yet! I advance blockage out our antecedent favorites at:

six weeks

ten weeks

six months

nine months

Thank you so abundant for admiring on my little bug this absolute YEAR. I admire administration him with you.