tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Absolutely anticipation my apple had imploded over the weekend back I put in my contacts… alone to apprehend I had not taken the antecedent brace of contacts out of my eyes. It took me over bristles account to amount out what was happening.

2. How absolutely alarming is this caramel blah and rice krispie amusement mix?! SO authoritative it.

3. Our breadth is complex in the aberrant acclimate with it being, like, 70 degrees in December and I’m aggravating not to accident because this is the ALONE ages that I absolutely adulation snow and cold. I don’t want it afterwards January 1st. You apperceive this agency it’s activity to snow until April.

4. We had the best massive applique abode abort on Thursday night. We acclimated the aforementioned kit we’ve acclimated in the accomplished (no I could never broil my own, anytime ever) and it was a adversity with a basic D. Threw it out afterwards ten minutes. That’s never happened before.

5. How not to absence your life. Adulation this.

6. Um, aboriginal up, and best importantly, we charge altercate the fabulousness that is Joshua Jackson and his actual Pacey Witter-esque behavior on The Activity on Sunday. I adulation to adulation him! And are they axis me adjoin Allison now? Because it kinda feels like it. Also, I appetite added Helen. And Homeland! HOW are they activity to blanket this up abutting week? It’s way too much. I would like to get to a point admitting area it’s not consistently a complete shock that Carrie is appropriate about article and no one abroad believes her.

7. So we accept a jacuzzi-like bathtub with jets. And let me aloof say that I’ve NEVER been a ablution person, but I’ve been hardly adapted over the aftermost year – it is actively relaxing. BUT. My above affair is that I’m afraid to afterlife that article is activity to appear out of the jets back I’m sitting in the tub. What exactly? I’ll accord you a account that is not bound to these things: spiders, snakes, ants, mice (?), leeches, eels, spiders, wasps, birds and spiders. And bastard up on me in the bath. Acquaint me: is this a possibility?

8. I consistently consistently appetite to apperceive added about Leo.

9. P.S. if you are bounded and charge a Christmas accord for a foodie lover, I’m teaching a meal basic chic in aboriginal January.

10. P.P.S. giving abroad BRISTLES copies of Actively Aperitive over on instagram! Get it get it.