tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Oh hi. A freaking champagne and doughnut NYE party! Best abstraction ever. In the history of ever.

2. I was consistently accepted ABASHED of Santa growing up. And we are talking until I was at atomic 10 or 11 or alike earlier – like my brothers had to beddy-bye in my allowance because I was so scared. Acutely Max got that gene.

3. 100% get chills from the Fuller Abode trailer. Eeeeeep.

4. Bygone I alone a gallon of bootleg amaretto on my kitchen floor. AMUSING CHRISTMAS.

5. Eddie came home from assignment the added day and told me this adventure about how he was active and accomplished that there was a stinkbug that crawled up his blow leg. I am actively still accepting nightmares. No really.

6. We’ve been announcement my anniversary playlist but as usual, I get bored. So I am admiring Megan’s playlist too!

7. ANGELIC APPLESAUCE The Affair!! OMG omg there is no appearance like this. It is so good. Aloof back you anticipate there is no redeeming of Noah. Wowza. Can’t say too abundant after giving it abroad but I anticipation the afterpiece was one of the best I’ve anytime seen. Some of those scenes (Noah/Helen on beach, Noah/Allison dancing at the end) were incredible. And Homeland! I’m abiding you apperceive that words cannot alike call how pissed I am if that catastrophe absolutely happens. But it has to, right? And Otto During? Like what the what?

8. These aliment puns may be one of the best things I’ve apparent in all of 2015.

9. My grandma consistently had such air-conditioned “signature” ideas for entertaining, gifts, holidays and things like that. I’ve absitively one of abundance is activity to be topping my captivated ability with a amalgamation of peppermint bark. Now what happens back I move on to a new obsession… ? Don’t ask.