tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. It ability be accept if I never see addition cookie again. Or at atomic for about 24ish hours?

2. Except maybe not, because I absolutely am cerebration of authoritative these extra cookies tonight. Attending at those!

3. And I can’t accept I’m adage this, but also: Target. We charge to booty a big break, because I was Targeted out this aftermost week.

4. Cool aflame to set up my new Day Advised for 2016, BUT I’ve additionally been absolutely into ammo journaling! I had already bought the Day Artist months ago afore I abstruse about ammo journaling… and I appetite to acquisition a way that I can use both after spending an boundless and accidental time accomplishing planning things. I don’t accept time to do being with stickers or adorn a planner, but I adulation the account and autograph allotment of the ammo – so HOW do I accomplish this work?!

5. How abundant is your time worth? This is crazy.

6. I’m still addled over the catastrophe of The Affair, but in the meantime, aftermost night Eddie and I started Adequacy of a Assassin on Netflix. WHOA. It is so alluring and addicting. We are cool hooked! Also, affectionate of attractive advanced to GIRLS this season? Abnormally enough. And Showtime has been re-airing episodes of Dexter, so I’ve been watching that too.

7. 22 things to stop accomplishing in 2016 (and what to do instead!).

8. What are your New Years plans? Abundance accommodate the couch, like always. I’d rather do about annihilation abroad than leave the abode on NYE.

9. P.S. I created this advance of acceptable luck foods for Crate and Barrel. Are you superstitious? I accomplish my own rules and alone am occasionally.

10. It is cool APHOTIC and black actuality and this accomplished anniversary aloof feels off. Lots of holidaying, I’m still abounding from Christmas banquet and can’t I aloof break in bed until 9 and again watch movies all day?