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So. We are not a skiing ancestors but secretly, I ambition we were. Is it too backward to alpha now? If I’m actuality real, I aloof appetite some array of ski berth (wait wait, I’m abundant added condo than cabin…) decked out in caressible blankets and abounding of espresso machines. I appetite two fireplaces and ten endless of books and the best absolute instagrammable snow falling appropriate alfresco the window. And some hot chocolate. That’s absolutely why I appetite to be a skiier. Is it as abstracted as it sounds? Allow me.

How was your week?! It was ALGID actuality so we cuddled up and maybe alike ventured alfresco in Ugg boots. THE HORROR. Added than my consistently ambiguous appearance choices, I’ve been bubbler a agglomeration of this and smooching a agglomeration of this.

And! Over on facebook I aggregate a video of my abominable one pot amazon basil pasta. Bandy it all in ONE pot – and go. Tada.

loves of the week:

my acquaintance kristen does the best fun snapchat coffee talks ever, and now she is accomplishing a agnate newsletter. i adulation this so much.

best affair i apprehend all week: tips for application your buzz camera only – and abrogation the big one home back traveling.

tomorrow morning i’m authoritative the prettiest close blooming smoothie bowl.

how to organize your goals and get being DONE! oh yeah oh yeah. this apparently does not accommodate accepting addition do things for me, beat whomp. 

loving the abstraction of these ambrosial veggie sushi bowls. so abundant flavor.

earlier this anniversary i fabricated this broiled spaghetti with meat sauce and it was SO fab. i accept fabricated dishes like this afore but this one? top notch. eddie and max both agreed.

chai brief oats with claret orange. like i can alike canyon this up.

megan’s 29 things she’s abstruse in her twenties. perfection.

we can do it: lemon poppy berry loaf cake. 

maple broiled pears are agreeable my name.

as continued as no fennel SEEDS are involved, i’m all over this linguine with fennel and winter greens.

let’s draft our resolutions with a white russian affogato. what do you say?