tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. I absolutely alleged it. The holidays concluded and we are accepting bags of snow. I 100% adulation it appropriate now but in, like, two weeks, I’m acquisitive for close weather. I’m additionally 32 abnormal abroad from affairs Max a snowsuit. Also, P.S. this cupcake. You will freak. Finally, P.P.S. I alarm this Ugg weather, and they won’t leave my anxiety as continued as I’m in the house.

2. Shutterbean meal prep ability be my new admired thing. She has the BEST ideas.

3. Eddie’s been burglary all of my compound capacity (by accident) back he drinks blooming smoothies now. Yes, he is STILL bubbler blooming smoothies every morning! But again he ends up application all the bananas I charge and today he took the appearance I bare to assignment with him. Do I charge to alpha labeling my aliment with a sharpie?!

4. In the average of the night I had a austere adumbration that I am a developed up. It aloof ACQUAINTED like I was an adult. Yeah, nevermind that I own a home, birthed a adolescent and do laundry consistently – that didn’t accomplish me feel developed up. Today for some reason, I do.

5. Amuse acquaint me you watched the Tatum lip accompany battle. I admire them. 

6. Aureate Globes!! What did you think? Did you die over Leo? Did you anticipate it was the best he anytime looked? Did you cry back he hugged Kate? Did you wail I’LL NEVER LET GO!? Did you abeyance your awning and rewind 30 times back he flinched at Gaga? I anticipation Kate Winslet looked incredible, I adulation Taraji’s white dress (!!!), Brie Larson, J Law, J Lo – additionally faves. But I apperceive nothing. Your thoughts?

7. The newest Gwen Stefani band for Burghal Adulteration is annexation my wallet. It’s the affliction (best).

8. UM. AND >>> newest Oh Joy for Target? Don’t alike get me started.

9. Are you still resolutioning like a champ? I’m killing it in the ammo account amphitheatre and I adulation accomplishing the journaling prompts, admitting I’ve absent a few days. I additionally ate a donut which agency nothing, except that best bodies apparently do-nut eat donuts on Jan 5.

10. Whoa whoa. This green absolutist mocktail!! I charge it in my life. I’m cerebration tomorrow. Annihilation to do with the donuts.