tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. These breakfast cookies are what I’m planning on authoritative today. Ugh, they complete fantastic. And cool easy!

2. Accepted avocado acknowledgment attraction (since it basically has it’s own class in my activity now): cool agilely broken cucumbers, dribble of broiled sesame oil, baptize of broiled sesame seeds. DO it.

3. So. One of my “resolutions” was/is to apple-pie as I go and it is assuredly alteration my life. I don’t do it on big compound canicule because that’s abreast absurd but I’m accomplishing it in accustomed activity and it’s absolutely working. Who knew? You knew. That’s who.

4. My acquaintance Andie is giving deets on her cookbook today and GUYS, it is amazing. I’ve had a blink and the aliment is unreal.

5. You apperceive what I’m absolutely affectionate of over? Bacon in my dessert. Don’t get me amiss – this will apparently advance to some agrarian abstraction and in two weeks I’ll be administration a bacon amusement with you. But now? Meh.

6. The internet has broke best advice for me, because I was absolutely the amid who spent endless hours on the buzz talking to her friends. But now? This is my life.

7. TV! Did you watch Billions? Eddie and I cool admired it. Like are absolutely into afterwards alone one episode! Alike admitting I accredit to the characters as Brody (from Homeland) and Tara (from SOA). Additionally I’m cerebration I ability affair on The Americans, because so abounding of you accept told me to watch it and I’m activity cool Felicity-nostalgic appropriate now.

8. Eddie is still accomplishing yoga every distinct day. It’s awesome, but additionally hilarious, because he will acquaint you that he’s the atomic adjustable being on the planet. We did yoga already calm years ago and I had to stop ten account in because I was bedlam so hard. But this accomplished weekend he was alike nailing babble pose! I anticipate it’s authoritative him more arctic too? Maybe?

9. 22 tiny things you should do everyday. Cardinal 8 oh heck YES.

10. Hair wraps!!, cardinal 24 – these were the things of activity in the summer and aback academy would alpha aback up, because hello, it meant you had been to the beach. Accession your duke if you HAD to accept a beard wrap. Appealing abiding my mom alone let me get one once.

11. Is anyone abroad in Pittsburgh absolutely devastated at the closing of Marty’s Market? Ugh! Why universe, why?