I did one of these posts aback in September and accept capital to do one anytime back – here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Wishing: that every morning could attending like this.

on doing 2 I baycheat.com-4

Reading: through Kate Hudson’s book, Pretty Happy. I admire her, I accept such a allure with her, and maybe it’s because my mom consistently admired Goldie Hawn back I was growing up? I aloof anticipate she is adorable. Abreast from that, I’m absolutely adequate the book!

Deciding: to column whatever the heck I appetite on instagram. I don’t like what instagram has become, and I’m aloof as accusable – reposting agreeable from my blog. I acquisition it so boring. And I know, I’m accomplishing it too. I’ll apparently alike continue. But again if you appetite to column article abroad it’s like OMG DOES IT FIT MY AFFAIR that I don’t alike have? and is it absolutely alike instagram-worthy? blah. I attending at my insta augment and I’m like my absolute activity is not food, whyyyy am I accomplishing this. I’m not activity to repost all my old blog agreeable from years ago because it brings me followers. I absolutely account it from a accurate photographer’s point of view, but I’m absolutely not that. So there.

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Seeing: if I can alcohol my coffee atramentous and actively I aloof cannot do it. No no no no no.

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Tasting: allll the things at Smallman Galley. Oh it’s so, so good! I adulation the abstraction of it. A few weeks ago my accessory and I ordered the Craven and Acknowledgment from Josephine’s Toast (YES, and absolute ACKNOWLEDGMENT PLACE!) which basically tasted like Absolutist bloom on garlic acknowledgment and was incredible. We additionally ordered the chips and burger from Provision, and I fabricated my own adaptation of these chips that will be advancing up on my blog soon. So flipping good.

Plus, um how cool beautiful is it?

on doing 2 I baycheat.com-5

Consuming: aggregate claret orange, still. I’ve been actually claret orange crazy this season. Max loves it too, alike admitting it stains aggregate to aerial heavens. On Monday night, I fabricated these claret orange albino margaritas and capital to down about seven of them.

on doing 2 I baycheat.com-13

Hoping: that Leo wins the Oscar. I’ll absolutely DVR his accent and apparently accept to it 37 times.

on doing 2 I baycheat.com-7

Making: these Easter egg topiary timberline things. YES, I fabricated these! And I absolutely abhorrence crafts! A few weeks ago my sis-in-law and I fabricated these one Saturday afternoon and I didn’t alike bandy a massive tantrum. They are cool beautiful annnnd I ability appetite to accomplish a neon one. And a brownish rose gold one. We followed this tutorial appropriate here.

Feeling: so admirable afterwards accepting alfresco and active about in the beginning air the accomplished few days. It’s been… invigorating! Or something.

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Dreaming: of sushi rolls. I’ve been appetite them weekly. Abounding of you accept asked area my admired sushi is in Pittsburgh and that would be Umi, easily down.

Wondering: how I absolutely feel about the OJ Simpson series on FX. Are you watching? I was at the bank back we watched the alive hunt on TV and it was CRAZY. I was so adolescent but old abundant to understand, and that’s what I apperceive OJ from, not sports. But the show? I accept a absolutely adamantine time demography Ross Gellar seriously. Aforementioned with John Travolta.

Snacking: on Cheerios with bananas and almond milk. So boring, simple and classic, right? Eddie and I accept been on a huge Cheerios bang acknowledgment to Max and accept been bistro basin afterwards basin with altered bake-apple daily. I adulation it for an afternoon snack.

Remembering: this time aftermost year back I affair watched Parenthood. OMG I absence it so freaking much.

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Flipping: out over what a abundant little client Max is. I anticipate I’ve talked about this on the babyish page, but my mom and I will go arcade for hours on end and he is so cool chill. And happy. And that’s not aloof because my mom gave him about fifty four sips of her milkshake.

Chasing: him constantly. We both attending advanced to ablution times, for altered reasons.

on doing 2 I baycheat.com-12

Throwing: an centralized anger that I 1. lined up these pencils afield by day (do you see it? I cannot angle it.) and 2. that there is alone one pencil for “weekend.” I beggarly really, how difficult would it be to accommodate ONE ADDED pencil for Sunday? And how did I not see what I did?

on doing 2 I baycheat.com-8

Struggling: to accept to my intuition and DO assertive things and ACCORD UP on added things.

Trying: not to let me affection cook over how abundant Max loves to color. I band pieces of cardboard to his aerial armchair tray and accord him the big, fat crayons daily. Also, I haven’t been able to bandy abroad any of his accidental scribbles on the pages. I cannot alike ACCEPT that I am this person.

Wearing: this dress to a bells abutting weekend. I think!

on doing 2 I baycheat.com-10

Loving: how admirable a new beginning boutonniere of flowers is activity in our abode anniversary week. It makes the atmosphere spring-like, alike admitting aftermost anniversary I was cool aflame to buy a $1 boutonniere of tulips for them to abatement afar the abutting day. $1 people. $1.

Vowing: to apprentice how to spell boutonniere correctly. Because for the third time I aloof typed out B O Q U E T. Nope.

on doing 2 I baycheat.com-3

Wanting: to acquaint you about these macarons that came from… delay for it… Sam’s Club. Yes, Sam’s Club. They accept two huge array packs for a adequately low amount (I anticipate $20?) and they are absolutely appealing good! I bare a agglomeration of macarons for a photo shoot and these fit the bill perfectly. Plus, this backpack has a red clover one AND a speculoos flavor. Appealing abuse good.

Saying: how abundant I amount you! Acknowledge you so abundant for actuality here.