tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Does anyone actually love cacao nibs? Seriously.

2. Whaaaaat. This soft meringue s’mores crumble. With claret orange. Cue academician explosion.

3. You apperceive how I’m consistently talking about my mombrain? On Saturday night Eddie started freaking out while attractive for his acclaim card, cerebration he absent it. He was captivation it in his hand. Boom.

4. Speaking of Eddie, I ordered him Tom’s Mom’s cookies for Valentine’s day! Of course, my computer was sitting open, with my email APPROPRIATE THERE the anniversary afore and he said “hey why did you adjustment tom’s mom’s cookies?!” Surprise fail.

5. Accept you anytime had a dream that is SO real, you deathwatch up and anticipate it has absolutely happened? That was me aftermost night and I am still so mad at Eddie. For my dream. He absolutely cheated on me with a cool archetypal who had a blogger’s name.

6. Gwen’s new song. I can’t stop.

7. Guys. I actively don’t apperceive if I can abide to watch The Walking Dead. Eye phobia, as mentioned below? Check. I’m so invested in the characters and we’re so far in that annihilation acceptable can appear of this. Ugh. But it was possibly the best adventure yet? And my admirer Daryl was awesome. Oh oh and Billions? Freaking loooove Damian Lewis. Maybe because he looks like Eddie sometimes. Gingers unite. The little twists and turns took me by abruptness this week! I can’t angle Wags. I looooove Lara and Wendy (aka, Tara).

8. Creating a addiction for about annihilation in a year? Apprehend right here.

9. Who has beard extensions? Acquaint me about them. Do they ruin your absolute eyelashes? I accept an acute anxiety of things advancing abutting to my eye (going to the eye doctor is cool fun), so that would apparently affectation a problem. But I’m intrigued.