tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. No amount how organized you are, I absolutely accept in the ability of the kitchen clutter drawer.

2. My account attempt is that I absolutely appetite to be classy, but I additionally appetite to buy neon beard ties while grocery shopping.

3. This DIY atom cake?! How, what, where?! Now.

4. How do you accept to a new anthology that you download (or, um, a CD that you aloof bought, accost 1999). Do you accept to a few moments of anniversary song all at once, or do you accept to the absolute album, no amount how continued it takes (even if it’s assorted canicule afore you get through it)? I absolutely do the aboriginal advantage in my abrupt millennial lifestyle. Eddie does the second.

5. Angelic freaking TV this week. Wow wow wow. Billions? SO good. I anticipate Wendy is activity to be in agitation though. GIRLS is back, and I adulation Adam, didn’t get abundant Elijah, still acquainted ashamed for Hannah and absolutely capital to do Marnie’s makeup. Also, Ray! My affection breaks. The freaking Walking Dead. OMG. Finally, that ending. I can hardly angle how abundant I just… admired it. And had waited for it. It was like I got butterflies. See also: I’m a loser.

6. I’ve accidentally on purpose (but mostly accidentally) been application a continuing board (aka, my kitchen counter) and I’m array of… admiring it. It feels GOOD. I actively feel 62% added productive.

7. Can we allocution about my complete aberration out afterwards acumen that Dolce Adventures has a band at Ambition this Spring? DV makes some of my admired shoes anytime and I can hardly angle this. Eeeep.

8. 50 of the happiest feelings. How fun.

9. Um, how (in)appropriate would it be to acknowledge to “what cardinal can I alarm you on?” with “can’t we aloof do this over email?” I’m the worst.