tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Majorly animated avocado acknowledgment with chimichurri and a poached egg. This is me allurement for that.

2. Ambience my bi annual bad example: it’s ulta’s 21 canicule of beauty! Absent all the things.

3. I adulation the added hour(s) of sunlight we are accepting this anniversary acknowledgment to DST – but… I never bethink my parents or anyone freaking out about it back I was a kid. Or a tween. Or a teen! Is it aloof all over the abode back amusing media charcoal everything? I anticipate it’s the best anniversary of the year. Says she who lives in a actual darkly lit home. Darkly lit? Appealing abiding that is not the actual wording.

4. Can we allocution about dying Easter Eggs? Acquaint me some kid affable ways! Or some fun kid ways! Should I aloof sit him alfresco on a ton of newspaper? Aloof joking. Affectionate of.

5. Angelic cow Walking Dead. Actively my affections are SPENT by the end of these episodes. I get so afraid that I’ve taken to watching the Talking Asleep aboriginal to adapt myself. Also, Billions?! The ending? So tricky. What are your thoughts on GIRLS? I’m aloof over Hannah. Over her. And Nashville comes aback this week. Eeeeeep!

6. Um, affectionate of like TV – I’m a bit foolishly aflame to see my big fat greek bells 2. Normally, additional movies catastrophe up actuality the worst, but I anticipate the actuality that they waited so long? It ability be funny. Unless they are aloof putting all of the funny $.25 in the previews.

7. How to just START. Admiring this.

8. Big catechism – what is ONE affair that your dream kitchen would include?