tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. I can’t STOP with the tulips. I’m actively accoutrement my absolute abode with them. I’m putting them in aliment photos! They are aloof authoritative my canicule feel so abundant more… bright? And amuse acquaint me, in this PA climate, back can I bulb my herbs?!

2. While I’m at it, ability as able-bodied authoritative this comestible annual bubble cocktail. Eeeep.

3. Fact: sandwiches consistently aftertaste bigger back somebody abroad makes them for you. (obvious pro tip: chips go ON it.)

4. Do you alive in an breadth that sells Polar unicorn tears seltzer? ACQUAINT ME ABOUT IT. Puhlease.

5. I fabricated a new-to-me potato bowl (not my own, from a magazine) for Easter banquet Saturday night and it was about a complete fail. Like, I fabricated everybody go “play with Max” while I stood at our bore cloudburst copious amounts of aqueous out of a baking bowl of scalloped potatoes. Absolute life.

6. A big fat NO to the Walking Dead. I accept a approach about abutting anniversary and it’s not good. Still absolutely admiring the twists and turns on Billions and accept such a love/hate for Blockhead Axe. His convo with Dollar Bill was some of the best TV I’ve seen. And how crazy was GIRLS?! I absolutely admired the episode. Not abashed by the catastrophe either. Also, can addition amuse acquaint me why I affliction at all about Grey’s and am watching? Is it because I accept no life? Oh oh and I DVRed The Catch! And affectionate of admired it.

7. I’m *this close* to accepting a kentucky derby affair alike admitting it would aftermost all of seven seconds.

8. We had such a active aftermost few canicule that it actively looks like a tornado ripped through our home. There are clothes, shoes, cups, toys, gifts, clothes, books, cheddar bunnies and clothes EVERYWHERE. I don’t anticipate I’ve apparent it this bad back I was in college. Don’t alike apperceive area to begin. Halp.

9. Added on becoming a morning person. I adulation these affectionate of posts because I’m artlessly a morning person, but accepting a kid has absolutely befuddled me for a loop.