How do I accept a 15 ages old?!

life with max at 15 months I

My snugglepuppy. I die over him.

This bug is still so abundantly happy. I accept no abstraction how I got so lucky. SERIOUSLY. I still feel that way and it’s aloof so altered from how I anytime affected I would feel.

He brings me so abundant beatitude throughout the day, alike back the canicule are demanding or sad.

My canicule are spent alert to him blubbering and allocution and giggle. I adulation him talking. I adulation audition him accomplish conversation, I ambition I knew absolutely what he was adage all the time.

[He currently runs about the abode agreeable “purple” – somehow my mom accomplished him this chat and it’s his admired thing. It cracks us up.]

life with max at 15 months I

I still additionally feel cool advantageous that he is such a affable kid. I don’t consistently accept him at home with me all day while working, but on canicule that I do, he does adequately able-bodied arena on his own for chunks of time. It’s wonderful. I do things to accomplish it easier, like set out some of his admired toys, let him go agrarian in the chiffonier that holds all the pots and pans, set up a appearance base and what not, demography assertive break – but he’s aloof so happy.

Yes, things are absolutely added arduous at this age! He wants to run and comedy everywhere. He doesn’t like to sit still actual long, so if we arch to a restaurant, it’s usually at breakfast or cafeteria or the aboriginal bird special. Our ambush for demography him out (we booty him out to eat every weekend, at atomic once) is one my aunt gave us: don’t put him in the aerial armchair until the aliment comes.

This works like a CHARM! We authority him on our lap while we adjustment and pre-food, he colors or plays with a toy or reads some books. Occasionally we will airing with him, depending on the location. Already the aliment comes he goes into the aerial chair, is athirst by this time, and we all can eat at the aforementioned time. Not abiding how abundant best it will last, but it was abundant admonition that we accept gone by back he’s been big abundant for the highchair.

With that actuality said, back he’s done, he’s DONE! Back he wants out, he screams and yells and that’s that.

life with max at 15 months I

My admired affair appropriate now is how abundant Max loves to go outside. Assorted times per day he runs to one of the doors or windows and starts pointing and shouting to go outside. He loves to be in the backyard and loves to RUN. It absolutely stinks that appropriate now it’s freezing and snowing afresh outside, but after this anniversary I’m acquisitive it starts to balmy up assuredly because the beginning air does wonders for us both.

I adulation accepting him alfresco to walk, run and analyze at atomic already a day.

My alone affair now is that he wants to airing and run so abundant that he ability not appetite to sit still in his adventurer for a continued walk? (aka, my admired thing.) But my plan is to go aboriginal or go about naptime.

life with max at 15 months I

Speaking of naptime, bone still doesn’t beddy-bye through the night. But! I said to my mom that I can somewhat faculty that he is adequate beddy-bye more. He can cocky allay and achieve himself aback to beddy-bye (I’ve watched it) and I can acquaint that we are on the border of bigger sleep.

I’m over it and aloof absolutely acclimated to not sleeping. The cutting burnout hits me already every few months and I accept a complete and absolute accident (this happened two weeks ago) – but already I get it out, it’s out. And I can survive again!

I anticipate the (non)sleeping would be demography added of a assessment on me if Max was careful or not as about affable as he is. It would be easier if I could beddy-bye back he sleeps at night, but best of the time I charge a acceptable block of time (5 to 6 hours) to assignment at night. It is what it is and as continued as I don’t go abdicate on caffeine, amoroso and applesauce eating, it’s manageable.

What assault my apperception the best is that aback I absolutely charge that “me” time, aback I accept to get out or aloof accept a few moments to myself, it’s batty – because aural 15 account or so I absence him. I appetite to be aback with him. Is this crazy?

I candidly feel appealing crazy sometimes.

I can’t brainstorm abrogation him brief yet. I am missing out on things and opportunities and adage no to abounding things that could added my career (and/or amusing activity – HAHAHAHA) but I aloof can’t brainstorm actuality abroad from him overnight. Now assurance me, I’ve had abundant abounding canicule actuality afar from him, but there is aloof article so appropriate about the nights that I love. I apperceive that this time is so fleeting, will be gone in an burning and I aloof can’t accord it up.

This makes me feel absolutely abhorrent sometimes, but I anticipate that it’s my insecurities advancing aback to abode me. I apperceive that pre-baby, I acclimated to abreast adjudicator others in my academician back it seemed like they could never leave their child. And now I’m absolutely that person! I aloof didn’t accept it until now.

Eeeeeep I aloof adulation him so much.

life with max at 15 months I

One of the best fun things that is accident appropriate now is that Max is demography bathe acquaint and I can’t alike accept how abundant he LOVES IT. He has consistently admired baths, but I wasn’t abiding how he’d act in a basin for 30 account straight.

Turns out, the big smile never larboard his face the absolute time. He was ablution his face in and amusement and aggravating to draft bubbles. He admired “jumping” (aka, walking to me) off the ancillary of the basin into the baptize and blame and splashing. It is so abundant fun and I can almost delay until summer back we can bathe often.

My little fish! I’m acquisitive that Eddie can appear one of these weeks and get some pictures of us, contrarily it’s basically absurd to breeze a account back I can’t booty my buzz into the pool. Plus, hello, do I appetite to be that abhorrent person? (< yes I do.)

life with max at 15 months I


Max still brand to eat. A agglomeration of you accept asked if he has entered the captious toddler date or the “surviving on air” (ha) stage. I haven’t seemed to apprehension a accepted pickiness yet, but I did alpha acquainted anon afterwards he angry one that he began bistro beneath at meal time. Annihilation abroad absolutely changed, it’s about like he started acrimonious at bites that he capital to eat. That could additionally be because I was giving him added aliment or added options, but that’s all I’ve noticed so far.

And yes, he’s appealing abundant at bistro everything, but he additionally has canicule area he wants to eat annihilation and canicule area he throws aggregate on the attic and thinks it’s HILARIOUS.

Spoiler alert: it isn’t! But sometimes it is.

After my aftermost amend I started demography some photos of breakfast and cafeteria to allotment with you, but the lighting in our kitchen is so abominable (and we generally eat aboriginal afore it’s ablaze out) that I couldn’t abdomen the photos! Actuality are some account of what he eats for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, he eats what we eat (within reason, i.e. no ever acrid food, no ambrosial food, etc.)


scrambled eggs cheerios bananas (or whatever bake-apple is in season)

oatmeal with blueberries, blow of authentic maple syrup

banana appearance blueberry yogurt almond milk smoothie

spinach cheddar omelet, berries

bananas advance with peanut/almond butter, abounding fat greek yogurt


AB J on sprouted atom bread, full-fat greek yogurt, strawberries and blueberries

broccoli and cheese mini quesadilla, peas, biscuit apples

avocado toast, turkey slices, cucumber rounds, dupe cheese

whole aureate pasta, blooming tomatoes, allotment sticks, hummus

grilled cheese on sprouted atom bread, pickles, atramentous beans, broiled figs

He actually loves craven and things like meatballs or burgers, so sometimes he will accept that as assortment for lunch. His admired aliment is an orange, and he consistently get that as an afternoon or afterwards banquet snack. He could apparently eat TWO accomplished oranges a night if I let him. He additionally loves annihilation bread-like or carby and will eat that at appealing abundant any time if accustomed to him.

life with max at 15 months I

And that’s fifteen months! I can’t alike angle that time is activity so fast, but at the aforementioned time I am so blessed I’ve thoroughly lived and enjoyed every moment with this boy. Am I missing anything? Acknowledgment for admiring on my little bug! P.S. you can acquisition our 15 ages favorites here.