tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Not alone did I not apperceive we had tulips (must accept been buried afore we confused in), I didn’t acquisition out until they were covered in snow. Whyyyyyyy.

2. Ummm can we allocution about these basin float donuts?! Also, can we allocution about how I appetite to buy all of those basin floats alike admitting I don’t accept a pool, aloof so I can be air-conditioned on instagram?

3. The cookie monster angel outtakes kill me. Aloof annihilate me.

4. It’s absolutely grapefruit beer season, right?! I approved Balance Point and absolutely wasn’t a fan. My admired is still Leinenkugel back it tastes like… juice.

5. I’m aggravating absolutely adamantine not to eat sugar at night at the moment (seriously amid too abundant caffeine, too little beddy-bye and a still-nursing bairn I’ve been dessert-ing ALL THE THINGS backward at night) and you’d anticipate I cut my arm off or something.

6. Thoughts on the division afterpiece of Billions?! I admired it so much, admitting a little defective in fireworks – but Wendy!! She is the best. Axelrod is by far my admired appearance abutting to her… he’s like a hardly better, non-murdering Chic Soprano. And GIRLS? Could there BE a added unlikeable appearance in the cosmos besides Hannah? I anticipate not.

7. Is Cheep over for you? Do you still use Twitter? Eddie says he gets his account from Twitter. I get my backward night cravings from Twitter.

8. Bethink back I affected myself to like coffee? I affectionate of appetite to do the aforementioned with tea alike admitting it tastes like bedraggled water. What’s your admired tea? Accord breaker: if it says it tastes like amber fudge, it should aftertaste like amber avoid and not bedraggled baptize with hints of amber fudge.

9. 5 means to stop attached your beliefs. I’m a self-help junkie and I adulation it.