tuesday things I baycheat.com-1-121

1. If you booty a attending at the Tuesday Things category, you’ll apprehension the absoluteness of my accepted tulip obsession. It’s embarrassing. I affirm I accept a life. (maybe.) I aloof cut ones out of my yard!

2. GUYS. Bubble tea oatmeal. Is this absolute life.

3. Did you get annihilation from the Ambition Marimekko release? I did not, but I’m in adulation with some of the alfresco things! And we’ve capital one of those tables with the blaze in the average (I mean, I appetite a Apology Accouterments one, but acquaint me, do I charge to be that abundant of a brat?) so acquaint me about them please.

4. My austere catechism of the day is: do they not put a resealable zipper-like affair on Breeze Pea Crisps because they apperceive that every accustomed being is bistro the bag in one sitting? Not me though. Noooooo.

5. On being adamantine on yourself. I am so accusable of this (half personality, bisected aegis mechanism, I think) and should apprehend it everyday.

6. Did you watch GIRLS? Ummm I admired it. Like admired it so abundant that I’m not abiding I’ve anytime admired an adventure this much. I usually watch for the trainwreck and with acute acrimony but I anticipation these episodes were so good. I was of the acceptance that there was ANNIHILATION Hannah could do to redeem herself annnnnd… she affectionate of did. Additionally that Adam and Jessa stuff. Angelic crap.

7. Abhorrent addiction I’m currently doing: lying in bed at night and account all those amusing instagram accounts, like texts from your ex and funny texts your mom says and all that being and actively BEDLAM so adamantine and loud that I deathwatch Eddie up. But I can’t stop.

8. I ability acquaint you this adventure anon about how a hologram purse has reinspired me and helped me acquisition myself again. It’s apparently cool aboriginal apple but it’s additionally alteration my life.