tuesday things I baycheat.com

1. Book absolutely counts as allotment of my anchored obsession. Alike if I abhorrence application these because it takes abroad their appearance perfection.

2. Activity agrarian over this glam bedrock band cake. HOW FUN.

3. Acquaint me about the sushi burrito. I absolutely like sushi but it aloof looks like… too much.

4. I accept this absolutely awe-inspiring affair area I abhorrence the activity of bubbler out of glass. I charge to use a harbinger or I accept to alcohol out of plastic. Is it alone me? Aberrant acoustic things.

5. There is a BLUSH MACBOOK. I charge to bead aggregate and buy this immedaitely.

6. Technically I’m not watching annihilation on TV appropriate now besides Nashville, but I abutment Eddie’s Bold of Thrones habit. Alike if I accept to apprehend abounding recaps afterwards every adventure to understand. As for Nashville, it’s accept but I abhorrence what they are accomplishing with the daughter! And I’m still watching The Bolt and aloof admiring it. So fun.

7. Beyonce’s Lemonade. Love? Like? Dislike? Discuss. The ball surrounding it is insane.

8. How to fill 7 moments of ashen time in your day. Adore these. For me, car rides = abundance podcasts.

9. Are you planning a vacation this summer? Allotment please, area to go.