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HI and BLESSED SUMMER! I’m clearly calling it summer. It’s here. It’s done. Afterwards a cool active week, I’m aflame for a breach this weekend and a bit added planting. I ability do a bulb “tour” on snapchat, so chase forth at howsweeteats!

Also, I’d adulation if you guys would follow me on Pinterest – it’s the one abode area I pin sooo abounding added things that aloof food. Style, home, biking and my claimed fave… my inspiration board.

Important things! I’m assuming you how I accomplish our admired acai bowls over on Facebook.

I aggregate my May adorableness picks!

And, I’m administration the BEST incredible donuts over on the Boutique Simon blog. They are lavender vanilla! Amuse booty a peek. And a taste.

My faves of the week:

totally authoritative this DIY donut bank umbrella.

whoa whoa whoa: strawberry bruschetta avocado boats.

PB and J donuts. oh my word.

loving on this smoked apricot birthmark zoodle salad.

10 acclimation tips that I neeeeeeed in my life.

one beauteous hummus salad.

how crazily adorable does this bananas advance affogato look?!

very admirable thai back-scratch soup with candied potato noodles.

super appealing summer drupe pie.

really appetite to try these eggplant lasagna cycle ups.

super quick raspberry ice cream! it’s a thing.

and this macaroni bloom with smoked mozzarella. i’m in love.

a beauteous orange drove cocktail. let’s do it.