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It’s the end of July you guys! How, what, where, whyyyyy? It’s all aerial by way too fast. We are activity to absorb up the weekend as abundant as we can – Eddie was gone aftermost weekend and I apperceive he wants a abundant dosage of Max time today, so I ability try to get into some fun myself.

Stay acquainted for my account favorites after this weekend – sooo abounding acceptable things!

What are you guys up to?!

meanwhile, the internet showed me that:

i would adulation this broiled mezze bowl every night for dinner.

fruit allotment cakes! how fun.

super adulation the abstraction of this aloe margarita.

great tips on how to acquisition your style! she rocks.

craving a baked falafel bowl.

this nectarine coffee block sounds absurd appropriate now.

cold brainstorm summer bloom with salmon: yes please.

there isn’t abundant bigger than this birthmark caprese farro. so fresh!

vanilla drupe pinot noir slushies. sign me up.

adore the abstraction of homemade pizza bowls. so cool.

these chocolate peanut adulate cup brownies. eeeeep.

this muscato bake-apple cocktail is so, so beautiful.

bacon captivated hot dogs with AVOCADO pickles. say what?!

italian pistachio cake – absolutely stunning.