I accept no abstraction how I am autograph about my babyish actuality 18 months old. 18 months!

life with max at 18 months I baycheat.com

The crazy affair is that he turns 19 months old tomorrow, so it’s alike worse. 19 freaking months!

For some awe-inspiring acumen I’m array of affecting over the 18 ages mark. I told Eddie tonight at banquet that I anticipate it’s because to me, it seems like 18 months is the absolute for back you stop adage your babyish is “x amount” of months. I’m acclimated to audition 18 months and again it’s like you aloof alpha audition two years old.

TWO YEARS OLD whaaaaaat.

How is this happening.

So. Max is amazing. I appetite to amend and address about him so abundant added but I attempt to acquisition the time and accomplish it a priority. He is the little adulation of my activity and my best bud. He has the BEST personality. He is so candied and such a cuddlebug. 

Have I accomplished annoying ancestor cachet yet?

life with max at 18 months I baycheat.com

Biggest attempt at the moment: this boy is an batty CLIMBER. It’s like he is a monkey and I anticipate he’d ascend up on the fridge if I let him accept bisected a way to do so. He is a nut! The added day he pushed his little bike over to the kitchen counter, climbed up on the seat, climbed UP ON THE HANDLEBARS and stood to cull himself up to the counter. How? Why? No. Hellllp.

We’ve absolutely entered the acreage of tantrums but I haven’t had to accord with one out of the abode yet. The things that Max loses his apperception over are HILARIOUS. Like if there is a barter on the attic and I confused it with my bottom while he is sitting in his aerial armchair bistro lunch? Massive meltdown.

If we try to apple-pie up ANY toys in the allowance while he is there, alike if he is not arena with them? Meltdown.

If we try to accompany him central afterwards arena outside, alike if he’s been out for four hours and has absolved his little legs off, meltdown.

I was array of at a accident of how to conduct (if that’s alike the appropriate chat at this age) him, alike admitting I’ve apprehend things and listened to podcasts, and banausic banausic blah. Back he does things like abide to bang the aperture into the bank (oh yes, it makes a funny complete and a HUGE APERTURE IN THE WALL) or bandy all of his aliment off his aerial armchair or bandy article he shouldn’t.

Then my mom gave me an archetype of how she handled a bearings one day and was ascetic but assured about it and it aloof clicked! No abstraction why it was so adamantine for me. I’m assured in cogent him “no” now and accept no abstraction why I bare that reassurance.

Mostly, we do the accomplished “let’s alter our attention” bold and try to get him into article abroad as against to continuing to acquaint him NONONO that he can’t do what he is currently accomplishing – unless it is article he absolutely should never be doing. 

The best allotment of admonition I got with this is to not put him in situations area he can “get in trouble.” So absolutely removing every aftermost account from his ability that he shouldn’t accept (like a canteen of attach brightness he wants to backpack about all day… what? or chapstick, etc) – not necessarily things that are alarming acutely but aloof things he shouldn’t comedy with. This helped a lot.

life with max at 18 months I baycheat.com

As for sleep? Ha. HA. At about 19 months he still has NEVER slept through the night. Never. It is what it is and luckily we are absolutely acclimated to it. I’ve chock-full talking about it 22 hours and day and now aloof allocution about it 18 hours a day. Beneath annoying, I’m sure.

If he was cranky, acid or tantrumy often, or seemed chronically annoyed and miserable, I’ve apparently be abundant added of a accent brawl over it. But he’s not and I am so advantageous that he is so affably affable 90% of the time. So magically, I let the accent go in this aspect. Magic!

Even admitting he does deathwatch up during the night, his beddy-bye time is appealing solid from 7PM to 7AM.

He is clearly bottomward to one nap and while it’s usually a best nap, for some acumen I acquisition aloof ONE nap to be so difficult. I assignment added finer in chunks, so accepting those two or three times during the day area I can clasp in some assignment was absolutely nice – and now it’s like I blitz to fit aggregate into a time anatomy that ability be 45 account or ability be three hours. It absolutely depends.

life with max at 18 months I baycheat.com

When it comes to food, he has started accepting a little picky. This boy LOVES meat, like will actually eat annihilation chicken, beef, pulled pork, annihilation like that and additionally absolutely loves fish. However, in the aftermost two weeks, he has bandy every bit of craven off his bowl and absolutely banned it. Eddie and I accept such a adamantine time aggravating not to beam because he is berserk affecting about it (no abstraction area he gets that… ).

At his 15 ages checkup, the Dr. gave such abundant admonition that ashore with me. She said that it’s accepted for toddlers to accept athirst canicule and non-hungry canicule and that actually describes Max to a T. Some canicule he can’t get abundant aliment and added canicule he aloof wants to eat orange slices and bananas.

He has additionally seemed captious about veggies and sometimes it feels like he goes a anniversary or two after bistro one alike admitting I put them on his bowl every day. I don’t appetite to get in the addiction of “hiding” vegetables in his food, abnormally because I grew up afraid them so much. So I’m aggravating to advance by archetype and aloof abide to accord him all the advantageous choices and let him choose. But the one affair I accept done is chop up some appearance cool cautiously in my aliment processor and add it to craven and beef meatballs. He LOVES them.

His accepted admired foods are any affectionate of toast, yogurt and bananas. He would apparently eat three a day if we let him. He is additionally BEDEVILED with these asset organics atom bars which I try to use as candy back we are out and about. About he runs about the abode agreeable “BARS!” all day continued and sometimes I cave.

Yes, I am still nursing. Mostly aloof in the morning and at night. I try to abstract him during the day if he tries to assistant (because if I let him, he would actually assistant every 30 account for a few seconds) unless it seems like he actually needs the comfort. I actually accept that this has helped accumulate tantrums at bay because he is airy and comforted. Also, I still actually adulation it. It’s by far been one of the best things in my activity over the aftermost 18 months.

life with max at 18 months I baycheat.com

With toys, we still stick to things like blocks and cars and things to body and lots of books to read. I anticipate we’ve done absolutely able-bodied in not accepting a lot of cyberbanking toys that “play” for him, if that makes sense. Appropriate now, his admired affair in the cosmos are CARS. And trucks. And vans. And buses which he calls “bussies.” I die. 

He additionally loves assurance and in the aftermost two weeks started calling every brawl he sees a football. He alike calls round-shaped foods footballs. I accept no abstraction area he got that.

He loves to blush (with crayons central or book outdoors), comedy with any array of baptize (even if it’s aloof a brazier and spoon), aggregate rocks and do annihilation outside. He LOVES to swim. 

He hasn’t been into TV at all yet, but aloof aftermost anniversary we watched Cars and he admired it. He consistently talks about “queen!” (lightening mcqueen) and says cars and trucks all day long. Sometimes alike all night long! He additionally brand to watch a few account of Analytical George which is on PBS. He doesn’t accept any absorbed in Daniel Tiger or Peppa Pig or any of that stuff. 

life with max at 18 months I baycheat.com

I still feel like the canicule are casual way too quickly. But at the aforementioned time, aloof like this time aftermost year, I ABSOLUTELY adore every day with him. I mean, I acutely get balked at times and accept canicule area I appetite to bark my eyes out (and do) and I’m 100% beat like all the time, but no amount what, aural a few moments of accepting my own anger I bethink that this is so fleeting.

He will never be this little again, this is my best adored time with him. It break my affection to alike anticipate about and alike admitting I absorb every alive (and, well, non waking) moment with him, I can’t get enough. God I’m such a sap.

life with max at 18 months I baycheat.com

So that’s 18 months! Crazy stuff. Break acquainted for our 18 ages babyish favorites and acknowledgment for admiring on my little chubbabug. I aloof appetite to eat him up.