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I apperceive I’m actuality basal with a smoothie basin AFRESH back I aggregate one in aftermost month’s favorites, but I can’t get enough! Here’s a account of what I’ve been admiring all of July. Such a fun, cool hot, cool adorable month.

Pitaya packs! So I’ve absitively that I like pitaya (pink dragonfruit) added than acai for smoothie bowls. I’ve been authoritative them at home on my own and am actively obsessed. I adulation them with some brittle peanut adulate granola. Plus, THE COLOR. Yes, that is the absolute blush – no alteration or assimilation access in the photo. SO pretty. Of advance I appetite to eat neon. I acquisition abundance at Accomplished Foods, but I aloof accomplished you can buy them online too!

First Comes Adulation by Emily Giffin. I apprehend this at the alpha of the ages and absolutely enjoyed it. She is one of my admired authors and I wasn’t cool absurd about her book two years ago, but this one I admired so much. Accomplished it in two days, that’s how much.

Kate Burrow Always Stud Earrings. If you’ve been account again you apperceive that I’ve beat the Kate Burrow aboveboard butt earrings for YEARS. I accept them in like ten altered colors and they are my go-to. I stumbled aloft these studs at the nordstrom auction and bought them in rose gold and gold. All that’s larboard now is silver, but I’m abiding they will restock!

Trader Joe’s Accomplished Atom Crispbread. I adulation these big brittle crackers. They are so ailing and the absolute agent for accumulated avocado or hummus toast. You can see them in activity here.

Completely in adulation with this aerial low dress (I accept the navy/white) – it is SO fun! The basal absolutely flows and moves back you walk. It’s accidental but chic at the aforementioned time, if that makes sense. And so adequate too!

Also admiring this cut abroad midi dress (I accept it in dejected and the stripes) from Attic because it’s aloof so EASY. It’s absolutely soft, a abundant awning up or aloof come-off dress and can be beat whenever. The top and aback has such a adulatory cut too.

As far as TV, I accept to accord it to Drifter Things! We aloof accomplished it this accomplished weekend and I acquainted like I was transported to my bearing year, and acquainted a lot of feels for Winona – as Eddie says, she plays crazy sooo able-bodied – and we were hooked.

When it comes to music, I’m still announcement my summer 2016 playlist. I absolutely adulation the Meghan Trainor album, still adequate Thomas Rhett’s Circuitous Up, advertisement to a agglomeration of Beyonce and old academy Britney (what what) and I looove Too Acceptable with Drake/Rhianna.

This irised tote from J Crew. Yes, you’re right, I charge a new irised bag like I charge a aperture in the head, but I couldn’t canyon it up. I beggarly it’s a TOTE! I adulation it so much, it’s the absolute admeasurement for transporting wine (truth) and it’s aloof too fun. I got abundance on auction and abominably it’s awash out… bah.

Kevita Adept Beverage Kombucha. This is a echo favorite, but it is SUCH a admired this month. I’ve appear to apprehension that the afternoon cup of coffee I adulation so abundant doesn’t absolutely feel like… apple-pie (for abridgement of a bigger word) caffeination. As in, I feel accomplished and abundant afterwards one cup in the aboriginal morning, but about 3 or 4PM, a additional cup makes me feel like garbage! These kombuchas are a abundant aces me up admitting – and do absolutely that – absolutely aces me up. I usually alone accept bisected a canteen and I’m good. Aloof don’t alcohol it at night! I abstruse the adamantine way.

For swim, I’ve been admiring this la blanca bandage one piece. I adulation this suit! I’ve had a adaptation of one back 2013 and they are cool comfortable. Lately, I’ve been application the straps on it back I accept Max with me in the basin to abstain a apparel malfunction. What apparel are you admiring this summer? I’m absolutely eyeing some of the Ted Chef ones.

Speaking of, I additionally adulation my anorak awning up from aftermost year – abundance is azure blue and aloof the absolute bathe clothing awning up – agnate to this one in black.

Tory Burch Miller Cast Flop. These are a echo afresh but I am SO IN ADULATION with them! Like I absolutely underestimated how abundant I would adulation these shoes. I acquisition them to be so crazily comfortable.

Because I’m ridiculously cliche, I bought a rose gold flamingo basin float and we are admiring it. Max think’s it is so abundant fun back he’s on it, additional it’s beautiful as heck. I’m absolutely authoritative Eddie booty it on vacation with us. Beat whomp.

[none of this is sponsored, aloof like to allocution about things that I ascertain and adulation over the month. acquaint me your faves! there may be a few amazon associate links above. adulation love.]